Development of IoT Devices Using Arduino

IoT or Internet of Things has become a burning sensation in today’s world. In the present times each device that we use has the capability to connect to multiple devices and this opens a host of opportunities for both the developers as well as the end consumers to develop and manufacture a variety of devices which can make our day-to-day operations much easier. In the present study, an overview of IoT is given in general, along with its literature review. This is followed by a discussion on Arduino which is employed to develop the devices using IoT. Also, a brief overview is given about various sensors which act as building blocks of any IoT system. Furthermore, an effort is made to demonstrate IoT implementation using Arduino, which may be used in a variety of useful devices. In the present case, IoT is used to develop a motion sensor alarm and a temperature-controlled selfregulating system. The general drawback of IoT is instead discussed. Overall, the study is meant to provide guidance to anyone who is looking to explore the possibilities of IoT using Arduino.

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