Information for Authors

Information for Authors

Last updated: 2022-04-30

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STM Journals is a leading global publisher since 2010 dedicated to advancing knowledge and disseminating high-quality research across diverse scientific, technological, and medical disciplines. We offer a comprehensive platform for researchers worldwide to share their cutting-edge findings with a global audience and contribute to the progress of their respective fields.

Why Submit with STM Journals?

  • Quality and Reputation: STM Journals uphold high standards of peer review and editorial quality, ensuring that published research meets rigorous academic standards. Publishing with reputable STM publishers enhances the credibility and visibility of authors' work.
  • Global Reach and Exposure: STM have extensive distribution networks, reaching researchers, academics, and professionals worldwide. Authors benefit from increased visibility and potential collaboration opportunities within the global research community.
  • Rapid and Efficient Publication Process: STM publishers prioritize timely publication, ensuring that accepted articles are published promptly. Authors can benefit from faster dissemination of their research and quicker access to their findings.
  • Enhanced Discoverability: STM publishers employ robust indexing and metadata practices, making articles easily discoverable by search engines, databases, and academic platforms. This improves the visibility and accessibility of authors' work, increasing its potential impact.
  • Global Scholarly Community: By publishing with STM, authors become part of a vibrant global scholarly community. They gain access to networking opportunities, conferences, workshops, and collaborations with other researchers in their field.
  • Author Support and Services: STM publishers often provide authors with dedicated support throughout the publication process. This includes assistance with manuscript formatting, language editing, and guidance on copyright and licensing.
  • Archiving and Long-Term Preservation: STM publishers ensure the archiving and long-term preservation of published articles, maintaining their accessibility and integrity for future reference.

Journal Portfolio

STM Journals boasts a comprehensive collection of peer-reviewed academic Journals spanning a wide array of scientific, technological, and medical disciplines. With over 275+ Journals under our umbrella, we offer a platform for researchers to share their groundbreaking findings with a global audience and contribute to the advancement of their respective fields.

To streamline your search for the perfect Journal match, we've categorized our portfolio based on various disciplines and research areas.

Before you Submit

STM Journals is committed to making the submission process smooth and efficient for authors. Here's a general overview of our streamlined process:

  • Check Focus and Scope
  • Is your research relevant to the scope and aims of STM Journals? Search below to find out.
  • F&S search
  • Choose the Right Journal
  • STM's diverse portfolio of over 275+ peer-reviewed Journals covers a wide range of disciplines. Browse STM Journals list by category or use the search bar to find the perfect fit for your research. Each Journal has its own specific author guidelines and scope, so ensure your work aligns before submitting.
  • Journal master search
  • Prepare Your Manuscript
  • Meticulously follow the formatting guidelines outlined in the chosen Journal's author guidelines. This typically includes specific requirements for font size, line spacing, margins, reference style, and file format.
  • IFA search
  • Language quality checker
  • Is your English writing ready for submission? Upload your manuscript and get a writing and language check from our partner Conwiz Here.
  • Open access funding and payment
  • Do you understand the principles and benefits of open access? Are you aware of our article processing charges? You may even be able to secure funding for your article processing charges. Learn more on our open access publication page.
  • Explore our editing services for authors
  • Do you need help with English language or scientific editing? We can help you. Visit the Conwiz author services page to find out more.
  • Copyright and creative commons
  • Do you understand the implications for copyright and Creative Commons? Learn more on our open access policy and information.
  • Have you read and understood our policies? Visit our editorial and publishing policies page to find out more.
  • Ready to submit your manuscript?
  • Once you have attended to all of the areas on this page, you are ready to move onto the next stage. Please visit our online submission system to progress; we formally consider only manuscripts submitted through this online platform.

Article processing Charges

Article Processing Charges are fees that some Journals charge authors to cover the cost of publishing their articles. These fees can vary widely depending on the Journal, and may be charged for various services such as peer review, copyediting, and formatting.

You can find resources below that provides detailed article processing charges (APCs) along with an explanation of what these encompass, as well as information on our waiver policies.

Peer Review Overview

Peer review is an essential process in scholarly publishing that ensures the quality, validity, and credibility of published research. The process of peer review involves evaluation of a submitted manuscript by experts in the same field to ensure that it meets the required standards of quality and rigor.

The peer review process is initiated when an author submits their manuscript to a Journal for publication. The manuscript is then evaluated by the editor of the Journal to ensure that it meets the scope and focus of the Journal. If the manuscript is deemed suitable for the Journal, it is then sent out to at least two experts in the same field for peer review.

The peer reviewers assess the manuscript for its scientific rigor, accuracy, novelty, and significance. They provide feedback to the editor on the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript, and make recommendations on whether the manuscript should be accepted, rejected, or revised.

Explore More

Author Resources

  • Submission Guidelines
  • Check out the Journal's Instruction for Author to prepare your manuscript in line with the STM Journal's submission guidelines
  • IFA search


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