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Regular Issue  Subscription Case Study Published on :- 27-Feb-2024

A Rare Case of Serous Cystadenoma Ovary with Cholesterol Granuloma in an Adult Female

Murad Ahmed, Surabhi Gautam, Veena Maheshwari,
AbstractIn reaction to cholesterol crystals and foreign body giant cells, cholesterol granulomas are formed. These are the results of long-term inflammation . . .

[This section belongs to International Journal of Toxins and Toxics (ijtt)]

Regular Issue  Subscription Original Research Published on :- 27-Feb-2024

A Pilot Study on β-lactamase Producing Escherichia coli from Bovine Milk, West Bengal

S. Bandyopadhyay, D. Bhattacharyya, S. Saha, J. Banerjee, Md. Habib, C. Maji, D. Mondal, P. K. Nanda, A. K. Das,
AbstractDrug resistant bacteria have become a significant global healthcare issue that requires close attention. With regards to antibiotic resistance, E.coli . . .

[This section belongs to International Journal of Toxins and Toxics (ijtt)]

Pre-Print  Subscription Review Article Published on :-

A Ponder & Sedulousness Of Legion Shale Stabilizing Materials In Aqueous Based Drilling Fluid During The Process Of Borehole Strengthening

M Panbarasan, Dr.S.Venkateshbabu, R.Karthikeswaran, J.Sudharsan,
AbstractDrilling fluid used while drilling the layers of shale will have the potential of reacting with water which tends to increase stickiness, induce . . .

[This section belongs to International Journal of Pollution: Prevention & Control (ijppc)]

Regular Issue  Subscription Review Article Published on :- 06-Jan-2024

Advancing Light Emission: A Comprehensive Review of Recent Electroluminescence Material Developments

Aditi Mishra,
AbstractThis paper explores the remarkable strides made in the field of electroluminescence and their profound impact on luminescence research. The emission . . .

[This section belongs to Journal of Alternate Energy Sources & Technologies (joaest)]

Pre-Print  Subscription Original Research Published on :-

Risk Return Analysis Of Pharmaceuticals Companies During Covid-19

Vaishali.R. Panchal,
AbstractAn unknown disease (COVID-19) is spreading globally, impacting people and economies very negatively. The virus, which was first discovered in a small . . .

[This section belongs to Research & Reviews: A Journal of Pharmaceutical Science (rrjops)]

Pre-Print  Subscription Original Research Published on :-

Monitoring of Microbial Growth on Crude Oil Remediation using Processed Palm Fruit Fermented Waste Water and NKP Fertilizer

C. P Ukpaka, Adaobi Stephenie Nwosi-Anele,
AbstractThe bacteria count was done to ascertain the microbial growth rate in each reactor and the research work demonstrates the integrity of fermented palm . . .

[This section belongs to International Journal of Pollution: Prevention & Control (ijppc)]

Regular Issue  Subscription Review Article Published on :- 27-Feb-2024

Rheumatoid Arthritis and its Relationship with Vitamin D, ESR, and Obesity

Fatima Rashid Mohan, Aya Talib Jawad, Amany Shakeir Jaber,
AbstractRecent years have seen a rise in the prevalence of rheumatoid arthritis (RA), a disease marked by the destruction of articular cartilage and ankylosis . . .

[This section belongs to International Journal of Toxins and Toxics (ijtt)]

Regular Issue  Subscription Review Article Published on :- 26-Dec-2023

Nanowire Photodetectors and Applications: A Review Study

Aditi Rai, Usha Shukla,
AbstractThe utilization of nanowires and nanowire structures as photodetectors is an arising research subject. Novel gadget structures incorporated in single . . .

[This section belongs to Journal of Semiconductor Devices and Circuits (josdc)]

Regular Issue  Subscription Review Article Published on :- 27-Dec-2023

Types and Applications of Chemochromic Sensors

Aditi Rai, Usha Shukla,
AbstractSmart materials, also known as responsive or intelligent materials such as chemochromic materials changes colour upon exposure to a different . . .

[This section belongs to Recent Trends in Sensor Research & Technology (rtsrt)]

Special Issue  Open Access Original Research Published on :- 26-Jan-2024

Experimental Investigation on Heat Transfer Characteristics of Thermal Barrier Coating on Aero Engine Components

Srikanth H.V., Fareen Nizami, Suthan R,
AbstractThe gas turbine blades play a crucial role in harnessing energy from the high-temperature and highpressure
gas generated by the combustor. To . . .

[This section belongs to Journal of Polymer and Composites (jopc)]

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