Diet Management of Cancer Patients Who Undergo Chemotherapy—An Experimental Study

Year : 2024 | Volume :14 | Issue : 01 | Page : 17-21

Alexy K. Baby

Gold Mary Varghese

Binu Babu

  1. Researcher Hamad Medical Corporation Doha Qatar
  2. Researcher Hamad Medical Corporation Doha Qatar
  3. Professor Nehru College of Nursing Kerala India


Background: Chemotherapy is the one major treatment module for cancer patients, but it has so many side effects, including nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and pain. These side effects reduce the adherence towards chemotherapy and reduce the interest to have foods. This, in turn, affects the normal tissue metabolism and disturbs the functions of cell and tissue regeneration. Food is very important for patients who receive chemotherapy. The cyclic administration of chemotherapy is aimed to give space to regenerate the damaged tissues. Normal cells exhibit a greater healing potential than cancer cells, and a well-balanced diet can expedite the recovery process for these healthy cells. Aims: The research was designed to evaluate the knowledge concerning the diet of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy among the caregiver in oncology units and also planned to prepare a teaching module for the cancer patient who receives chemotherapy. Materials and Methods: This research employed a quasi-experimental design, specifically utilizing the one-group pre-test post-test design. A total of 40 caregivers were chosen as the sample from selected hospitals. Results: The study proved that the knowledge level of patients regarding diet management was increased after the implementation of teaching practice. This will affect the output of chemotherapy. Conclusion: The study concluded that patients’ knowledge regarding diet management of chemotherapy is less. Hence it is necessary to teach the patients regarding diet management before initiating chemotherapy.

Keywords: Cancer, diet, chemotherapy, nursing, health, patient care, health education

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