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Article Withdrawal Policy

Last updated: 2022-04-30

STM (Science, Technology, and Medicine) Journals understand the significance of upholding the integrity and comprehensiveness of the scholarly record for the benefit of researchers and librarians. We are deeply committed to maintaining trust in the authority of our electronic archive.

STM Journals uphold the fundamental principle of scholarly communication, which places the sole and independent responsibility for deciding which articles are to be published with the Journal's editor. This decision-making process is guided by the policies set forth by the Journal's editorial board and is subject to legal obligations concerning issues such as libel, copyright infringement, and plagiarism.

Article withdrawal, retraction, removal, or replacement are actions taken in exceptional circumstances where there is clear evidence of ethical violations, serious errors, or misconduct in published research articles. The responsibility of deciding which articles to publish lies solely with the editor, who is guided by the policies of the Journal's editorial board and legal requirements concerning libel, copyright infringement, and plagiarism. Once an article has been published, it becomes part of the scholarly archive, which serves as a permanent record of scholarly transactions, and published articles are expected to remain unaltered as much as possible.

Article Withdrawal


  • Ethical violations: If an article is found to contain data fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism, it may be retracted to maintain the integrity of the scientific record.
  • Serious errors: If an article contains serious errors or inaccuracies that invalidate the findings or conclusions, it may be retracted to prevent dissemination of incorrect information.
  • Misconduct: If an author is found to have engaged in scientific misconduct, such as manipulation of data, conflicts of interest, or undisclosed funding sources, the article may be retracted.
  • Legal issues: If an article contains material that infringes on copyright, libel, or other legal issues, it may be removed to prevent legal action against the publisher or author.
  • Safety concerns: If an article contains information that may pose a risk to public health or safety, it may be retracted or removed.


  • If the author, conference organizers, or a third party requests to withdraw a manuscript within a week of the acknowledgment email, there will be no withdrawal penalty.
  • However, if the manuscript has already been submitted to a Journal for processing, the request for withdrawal will not be entertained without a withdrawal penalty.
  • The author needs to submit a written letter to STM Journals explaining the reason for withdrawal along with Manuscript Withdrawal Charges.
  • STM Journals will provide the author with a formal letter of Manuscript Withdrawal only after the withdrawal penalty has been paid in full.
  • Authors are allowed to publish other manuscripts with STM Journals provided they follow the manuscript submission guidelines.


  • Ensure that the manuscript does not infringe on any copyrights.
  • Obtain consent from all authors in the group for submission.
  • Ensure that students and researchers have obtained prior permission from their guides and professors before submitting their manuscripts to Journals.
  • Confirm that the manuscript has not been published partially or completely in any other Journal.
  • Properly withdraw the manuscript from any previous publishers if necessary.
  • Confirm that the manuscript has not been submitted to any other Journal at the time of submission to the current Journal.
  • Avoid redundant publication, meaning publishing multiple similar manuscripts based on the same experiment.

Article Withdrawal Charge

$ 1500.00

Are you looking to withdraw your article?


Contact us at: [email protected]

Article Retraction

Article retraction states that the editor of a Journal is responsible for deciding whether to retract an article. The decision to retract an article is taken in exceptional circumstances, such as in cases of fraudulent data or unethical research. If a retraction is deemed necessary, the Journal will publish a retraction notice that clearly identifies the retracted article and the reason for the retraction. The retraction notice will be linked to the original article and will be prominently displayed on the Journal's website. The Journal will also ensure that the retracted article is clearly marked as "retracted" in all versions of the article, including those in the Journal's archives. The Journal will also inform any indexers or databases that have indexed the article about the retraction. In cases where the Journal becomes aware of a potential issue with an article, such as data or ethical concerns, the Journal will investigate the matter promptly and take appropriate action, including retraction if necessary.


  • Plagiarism: If an article is found to have plagiarized content from other sources, it may be retracted.
  • Data fabrication: If an article is found to have fabricated or falsified data, it may be retracted.
  • Ethical violations: If an article is found to have violated ethical standards, such as by conducting research on human subjects without proper consent, it may be retracted.
  • Errors or inaccuracies: If an article is found to contain errors or inaccuracies that significantly affect the conclusions, it may be retracted.
  • Duplication: If an article is found to be substantially similar to another previously published article, it may be retracted as a duplicate publication.
  • Legal issues: If an article is found to violate copyright laws or contain defamatory content, it may be retracted.


Manuscript retraction is an important matter in scholarly publishing. The aim of STM Journals is to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the scientific record, and therefore we have established policies to govern the retraction of manuscripts.

  • Retractions may be necessary if:
    • There is clear evidence that the findings are unreliable or fraudulent, including but not limited to data fabrication or manipulation, plagiarism, or duplicate publication.
    • There is a serious error or flaw in the study that invalidates the findings.
    • The manuscript has been published in error, such as due to a technical or administrative issue.

In such cases, the retraction process will be initiated by the editor of the Journal, in consultation with the author(s) and any relevant third parties. The editor will make the final decision on whether to retract the manuscript, taking into account any relevant input and guidelines from external bodies. If a manuscript is retracted, it will be clearly marked as such, and a notice of retraction will be published prominently in the Journal, along with a clear explanation of the reason(s) for the retraction. The retracted manuscript will remain available online as a historical record, but will be clearly marked as retracted and its content should not be used or cited.

Article Retraction Charge

$ 2000.00

Is your article published anywhere else?


Article Removal

Manuscript removal is a serious matter that should only be considered in exceptional circumstances. At STM Journals, we have a policy in place for manuscript removal to ensure the integrity of our publications and safeguard the interests of our readers, authors, and publishers.

  • Grounds for removal
    • A manuscript may be removed from our publication if it contains material that is defamatory, fraudulent, or otherwise in breach of our ethical standards or legal requirements.
  • Notification
    • If we become aware of any grounds for removal, we will notify the author(s) and the publisher(s) of the manuscript, giving them an opportunity to respond.
  • Investigation
    • We will conduct an investigation into the matter and assess whether the grounds for removal are justified. We may seek expert advice or consult our editorial board in this process.
  • Decision
    • If we determine that the grounds for removal are justified, we will make a decision to remove the manuscript from our publication. We will notify the author(s) and publisher(s) of this decision and provide reasons for it.
  • Consequences
    • Manuscript removal will result in the withdrawal of the article from our publication and its permanent removal from our online archives. We may also impose sanctions on the author(s) and/or publisher(s) of the manuscript, including banning them from submitting future manuscripts to our Journals.
  • It is important to note that manuscript removal is a serious step that we take only as a last resort. We encourage all authors to adhere to our ethical standards and guidelines to ensure the integrity of our publications.

Article Replacement

STM's policy regarding article replacement is that it is not a common practice and is usually only considered in exceptional cases. If an author identifies a major error in their published article, they should contact the editorial office of the Journal in which the article was published and request a correction or retraction.
If the error is significant and cannot be corrected through a simple correction, and the author can provide a corrected version of the article, then the editorial board may consider replacing the original article with the corrected version. However, this decision will ultimately be made by the editorial board and will depend on the nature of the error and the impact it has on the article.
It is important to note that article replacement is not a routine practice and is only considered in exceptional circumstances. The Journal may also require a fee to cover the cost of the replacement process.


  • Correction of errors or omissions in the original article
  • Addition of new data or findings that significantly change the conclusions or implications of the article
  • Revision of the methodology or analysis that affects the validity or reliability of the article's results
  • Replacement of images or figures that were inaccurately or inappropriately presented in the original article
  • Translation of the article into another language to reach a broader audience
  • Republishing the article with a new title or formatting to enhance its visibility or accessibility
  • Reprinting the article in a collection or anthology for academic or scholarly purposes.

Expressions of Concern

Expressions of Concern are issued in situations where there is significant evidence of:

  • Unresolved questions regarding ethical compliance.
  • Potential misconduct under investigation.
  • Concerns about data integrity or reliability.
  • Legal disputes that impact the article.
  • Any other condition that significantly impacts the article's integrity but does not conclusively warrant withdrawal or retraction at the moment.

Grounds for Issuing an Expression of Concern

Expressions of Concern are issued in situations where there is significant evidence of:

  • Allegations or evidence of misconduct (e.g., data fabrication, falsification, plagiarism).
  • PSignificant errors or inaccuracies pending correction.
  • Ethical issues concerning research participants or consent.
  • Disputes about authorship, conflicts of interest, or funding sources that may affect the interpretation of the findings.
  • Ongoing investigations by institutions or third parties that have not yet reached a conclusion.

Process and Resolution

  • Preliminary Assessment:Upon identifying a potential issue that may warrant an Expression of Concern, the editorial team conducts a preliminary assessment and may engage with the authors, institutions involved, or external experts.
  • Notification and Response:The corresponding author will be notified of the concerns and given an opportunity to respond or address the issues identified.
  • Issuing the Expression:If the concerns are deemed significant and unresolved, the journal will issue an Expression of Concern, clearly detailing the nature of the concerns and indicating that the matter is under investigation or review.
  • Linking and Accessibility:The Expression of Concern will be linked to the original article and made accessible to all readers, ensuring transparency.
  • Final Resolution: Depending on the outcome of the investigation or resolution of the concerns, the Expression of Concern may be updated or followed by a retraction, correction, or statement of exoneration, as appropriate.

Requesting Article Changes: Withdrawal, Retraction, Removal, and Replacement

To request article withdrawal, replacement, retraction, or removal, follow the guidelines of the Journal or publisher where the article was published. Typically, the process involves the following steps:

  • Contact the Journal or publisher's editorial office or customer service department and explain the situation. Provide the article title, author names, and any relevant details.
  • Depending on the situation, the Journal or publisher may require you to fill out a formal request form or provide additional documentation.
  • If the request is approved, the Journal or publisher will typically issue a formal letter of withdrawal, replacement, retraction, or removal, and take the necessary steps to remove the article from their online platform or other databases.
  • If the Journal or publisher does not agree to the request, they will provide an explanation for their decision.

It is important to note that there may be fees associated with some requests, such as manuscript withdrawal charges or replacement fees. Be sure to check the Journal or publisher's policy regarding these fees before making a request.