Exploring the Viability and Implications of Quantum Communication in 6G Networks

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Year : 2024 | Volume :11 | Issue : 01 | Page : 01-14

Ritesh Patel

  1. Senior Software Engineer The City College of New York, 160, Convent Ave, New York, NY 10031, New York United States


The development of telecommunication systems has brought us to the era of 6G, characterized by remarkable connectivity, speed and performance achievements. This article investigates the fusion of quantum communication into the architecture of 6G networks as a new approach to achieving security and efficiency. Using quantum mechanics principles, such as superposition and entanglement, quantum communication allows bloodless encryption and secure data transmission. The theoretical frameworks and quantum networks for 6G are overviewed, which includes the quantum repeaters, satellites, and cryptographic protocols. The viability analysis pinpoints technological challenges, economic reasons, and policy implications on which interdisciplinary cooperation and regulatory frameworks are necessary. Pilot projects and the research gaps show how crucial it is for both quantum 6G integration and ongoing research activities to be completed. In summary, the paper endorses an integrated approach to the quantum-6G network, aiming to transform the networking model by introducing a highly secure, reliable, and interconnected networking structure for future apps.

Keywords: 6G networks, Quantum communication, Telecommunication infrastructure

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Regular Issue Open Access Review Article
Volume 11
Issue 01
Received March 20, 2024
Accepted April 17, 2024
Published May 14, 2024