OLA’s Futuristic Electric Scooter Market: A Question of Sustainability Ahead with the Big Leap

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Year : 2023 | Volume :4 | Issue : 2 | Page : 24-31

    Gururaj S. Karadi

  1. Assistant Professor, BLDEA’s VP Dr. P G Halakatti College of Engineering & Technology, Karnataka, India


Marketing innovations have always been a tip of the tongue in the world of startups. It has taken a vibe as a tactical tool to do business terms of manufacturing or service industry. Ola, which has redefined itself in the mobility services, has reached its peak of success from a startup to a brand in this service industry as its operations have already gauged the success of serving the customers domestically and also internationally. With this, Ola has decided to take a high note jump in the field of production innovation to add yet another new product to its business basket i.e. Ola electric. The study reveals about how this shift from service to manufacturing industry by Ola can make remarkable benchmark in the field of production. As a study says, the segment and consumer buying behavior towards this technology of electric vehicles is on a slower mode, yet the Ola’s world’s biggest futuristic manufacturing unit embedded with the latest robotics technology is on the cards. Can it sustain this big leap? With the expert opinions, this industry has still time to grow to gain the impact as well as the market share. Ola has a big question ahead in terms of sustainability with its strategies and also competition by the big brands in this electric vehicle segment. Will it taste the
success or?

Keywords: Robotics, futuristic, marketing, Ola, technology

[This article belongs to NOLEGEIN Journal of Advertising and Brand Management(njabm)]

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Regular Issue Open Access Article
Volume 4
Issue 2
Received October 17, 2021
Accepted October 22, 2021
Published January 24, 2023