Security of Cloud Computing from a Blockchain Perspective

Year : 2024 | Volume :11 | Issue : 01 | Page : 7-11

Vatsal K. Bhuva

  1. Student Department of Cloud Computing, Conestoga College, Cambridge Ontario Canada


Originally, the foundation of the Internet was trust. There are increased threats and problems after many information disclosures. We have employed even more modern Internet-based devices in recent years. Among the primary issues raised in literature, privacy, data protection, and trust require particular consideration. In this case, a new paradigm for information security has arisen, one that is built on transparency rather than the closed, cryptic methods used in present models. Recently, certain projects utilising Blockchain technology and techniques have emerged. The aim of this work is to construct a preliminary version of the model based on our preliminary research, which is referred to as systematic mapping in the methodology. We provide an overview of several Blockchain-based Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, models, strategies, and other projects. We also assess each paper’s compliance with 11 essential IoT requirements. This work adds to the growing corpus of knowledge in the fields of trust, privacy, and security. Our results are helpful for businesses from a variety of industries that are a part of the Internet ecosystem as well as for further research at the Academy. They can profit from the combined knowledge and use it as a guide to define their development methods that are focused on the new IoT paradigms.

Keywords: Blockchain, cloud computing, Internet of Things, IoT, ontology, privacy, security

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Volume 11
Issue 01
Received January 17, 2024
Accepted February 7, 2024
Published April 3, 2024