Engine Performance Analysis of Cottonseed Based Biodiesel Using Design Expert Statistical Based Tool

Year : 2023 | Volume : 01 | Issue : 01 | Page : 1-5

    Sunil Dhingra

  1. Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, UIET, Kurukshetra University, Haryana, India


Biodiesel is a biofuel acquired by substance forms from vegetable oils or creature fats and liquor that can be utilized in diesel engines alone or mixed with diesel oil. It is characterized as the mono-alkyl
esters of unsaturated fats got from vegetable oils or creature fats. In basic words biodiesel is the item that gotten when vegetable oil or creature fat is artificially responded with a liquor to deliver
unsaturated fat alkyl esters. The paper dealt with the cottonseed oil based biodiesel in a single cylinder VCR test engine. The various performance and emission parameters were measured by blending the cottonseed biodiesel with commercial diesel. The experimentation is planned using response surface methodology contained in design expert 6.0.8 tool. The optimum combination of engine input
parameters were predicted by desirability approach. It is observed from desirability graph that the predicted model may be feasible when validation of experiments would be conducted.

Keywords: Cottonseed Biodiesel, VCR test Rig, RSM, Design Expert 6.0.8, Desirability approach

[This article belongs to International Journal of Industrial and Product Design Engineering(ijipde)]

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Received July 1, 2023
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