Soil Health Testing using IOT Devices

Open Access

Year : 2023 | Volume :8 | Issue : 1 | Page : 68-75

    Tanvi Chavan

  1. Research Scholar, MCA, Thakur Institute of Management Studies, Career Development & Research (TIMSCDR), Mumbai, India


For proper farming, soil testing has become a need. There are numerous soil testing procedures available. Soil quality used to be performed in companies and research institutions, and it required a years and a lot of work to get findings. Soil testing using numerous moveable sensors is now possible in today’s environment, thanks to technological improvements and digitization. The internet of things has made it easy to link devices to the network. Soil health testing is one of the most contributing factors in farming. In this paper, we are talking about detecting soil health using some of the IoT devices. This technique is one of the prominent reasons why precision agriculture is being enthusiastically adapted by a huge number of farmers these days. Here we will discuss the existing methods used for testing of soil health and the proposed system with some of the IOT devices which might help enhance the process of soil testing.

Keywords: Internet of Things, Soil Testing, Soil Moisture, agricultural area, crop production, DHT11

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Regular Issue Open Access Article
Volume 8
Issue 1
Received April 1, 2022
Accepted April 19, 2022
Published January 7, 2023