Journal of Web Engineering & Technology

ISSN: 2455-1880

Editors Overview

jowet maintains an Editorial Board of practicing researchers from around the world, to ensure manuscripts are handled by editors who are experts in the field of study.

Focus and Scope

About the Journal

Journal of Web Engineering & Technology [2455-1880(e)] is a peer-reviewed hybrid open-access journal launched in 2014 providing a forum and an authoritative source of information in the web engineering and web technology field. It is devoted to the analysis, design, development, use, evaluation & teaching of web-based systems, applications, sites, and technologies-based research.

Focus and Scope

  • Systems analysis and design: Stability analysis, Time-varying systems, Control system analysis, Control systems, Automatic control, Asymptotic stability, Sufficient conditions, Differential equations, Programmable control,Adaptive control,Dynamic output feedback,finite-time stability,linear time-varying systems,Fuzzy control,Fuzzy logic,Control systems, Fuzzy systems, Industrial control, Stability analysis, Robust stability,Service robots, Medical control systems, Fuzzy sets, Adaptive control, control theory, fuzzy control, fuzzy models, fuzzy systems, Lyapunov functions,robustness, stability,stabilization, Takagi–Sugeno (T–S) fuzzy models, OFDM/OQAM systems, filterbank theory, discrete-time analysis, orthogonal frequency division multiplex/offset multicarrier modulation,modulated trans multiplexer, discrete orthogonality, polyphase components, OFDM/OQAM prototype filter, OFDM/offset QAM, fast implementation schemes, demodulator,inverse fast Fourier transform, nonorthogonal prototypes, intersymbol interference, interchannel interference, ISI, ICI,distortion-free transmission, closed-form expression, subcarriers

  • Hypermedia/hypertext engineering: Hypermedia, information, knowledge, Petri net, reasoning, Resource Description Framework, Open Corpus, Personalization Service, External Model, Navigation Support, Physical Object, User Model, Node Class, Navigational Schema, Structural Concern, Authoring System, Intelligent Tutoring System, Authoring Tool, Knowledge Space, Overlay Model, Structural Engineer, Client Application, Structural Computing, Structure Server, Hypermedia, hypertext, World Wide Web, model methodology structured design, Engineering Framework, Hypermedia, Hypertext, Multimedia, C.A.L.

  • Web Engineering tools & Methods: Unify Modeling Language, Case Tool, Navigation Model, Unify Modeling Language Diagram, Navigation Structure, Web engineering, Web-based systems development, Web crisis, Web design, Web development, Web lifecycle, Web usability, Evaluation methods, Web usability principles, Development process, Security Breach, Common Gateway Interface, Rich Internet Application, Traditional Software Development, Poor Project Management

  • Modeling and model-based design and development: Systems Engineering, RFLP, Requirements Engineering and Management, Functional & Logical Design, Mechanical Design, V6,model-based engineering, embedded systems, SysML, MARTE, Computational modeling, Mathematical model, Hardware, Trajectory, Software, Torque, Testing, model-based design,cyber-physical systems, embedded systems, LabVIEW, Ptolemy II, SECURITY DESIGN, digital twin, threads concepts, lifecycle, ice protection system, model-based design, complex aeronautical systems, safety-critical system, industrial domain, engineering activities, conceptual design activities, preliminary design activities, system requirements, model-based systems engineering, MBD process, EC-funded research project CRYSTAL, federated IT infrastructures, Aircraft on-board system, digital thread, digital twin, ice protection system,model-based design (MBD).

  • Navigation and hypermedia: Hypermedia applications building, navigational views, information models, object-oriented hypermedia schema, object-oriented hypermedia design model, academic information system, modeling constructs, navigational design, content design, abstract interface design, seamless evolution, abstract domain models, implementation, information handling,model-based hypermedia design, aggregation, composites, Navigation, Courseware, Information science, Sun, Algorithm design and analysis, Computer networks, Analytical models, Artificial intelligence, Artificial neural networks, Computer science.

  • Web design patterns and pattern mining: Data mining, Parallel algorithms, Frequent pattern mining, Frequent sequence mining, Frequent graph mining, Motif discovery, Memory scalability, Work partitioning, Load balancing, Frequent pattern mining, Association rules, Association Rule, Sequential Pattern, Pattern Mining, Access Pattern, Support Threshold, sequential pattern mining,pattern-growth approach, prefix span approach, data mining problem, sequence database, projected databases, FreeSpan, pseudo projection technique, vertical data format,user-specified constraint, transaction database, performance analysis, Data mining algorithm, sequential pattern, frequent pattern, transaction database, sequence database, scalability, performance analysis.

  • Web application evaluation, verification, and validation: web application testing,pair-wise interaction coverage,pair-wise interaction testing,user-session-based testing, test case prioritization, application reliability, test suite prioritization, fault detection, prioritization metrics, request sequence, user-session-based test case, Mutation analysis, Mutation testing, Web applications, Application software, Software testing, Java, Automatic testing, Hardware, Software engineering, USA Councils, Application specific processors, XML, Web Application, AJAX, Testing, State-based TestingGraphical user interfaces, Software testing, Application software, Protocols, Delay, Automata, Proposals, Navigation, Automatic testing, Web server, Vulnerability testing, Model-Based Testing, Web applications, DVWA example

  • Web engineering for wireless platforms: Web engineering, Internet, World Wide Web, e-commerce, wireless technologies, Web-enabled appliances, mobile Web applications, systems analysis, Web developers, repeatable process, development tools, management principles, systematic approaches, high-quality Web systems, Web based system development, Web site maintainabilityAcoustical engineering, Maintenance engineering, Reliability engineering, Internet, Web sites, History, Manufacturing industries, Banking, Government, Database systems, Admission control, Wireless LAN, Local area networks, Quality of service, Counting circuits, Access control, Intelligent networks, Costs, Access protocols, Industrial control, Communication system security, Power system security, Information security, Personal digital assistants, Communications technology, Mobile communication, Data communication, Computer hacking, Cellular phones, Internet. 

  • Web standards, usability, universal accessibility, Semantic Web: Semantic Web, Resource description framework, Ontologies, XML, Microstrip, Petroleum, HTML, Knowledge management, Electronic commerce, Proposals, Usability, Guidelines, Web pages, Web page design, Software tools, Books, Semantic Web, Application software, Linear accelerators, Vocabulary, Microstrip, Ontologies, Semantic Web, Resource description framework, XML, Markup languages, Corporate acquisitions, Petroleum, Educational institutions, US Government, Semantic Web, DARPA Agent Markup Language, DAML+OIL, Ontology Web Language, syntax, wine knowledge base.

  • Specification languages, management, negotiation, and monitoring mechanisms: Computer aided software engineering, Streaming media, Multimedia systems, Operating systems, Runtime, Senior members, Character generation, TV, Electronic mail, Graphics Application Programming Interface, Online Control, Resource Management Systems, Resource Broker, Local Scheduler, Internet of Things, SLA, Service level management, SLA ontology, Service Level Agreement, Service Description, Electronic Marketplace, Service Level Agreement Violation, Truck Transport. 

  • Microsoft .NET, Sun One, IBM Web Sphere, Oracle Internet Application Server: Intrusion Detection System, Error Recovery, Fault Removal, Fault Prevention, Service Component Architecture, Simple Object Access Protocol, Common Object Request Broker Architecture, Remote Procedure Call, Enterprise Application Integration, Simple Object Access Protocol Messa, Internet Protocol, Domain Name System, Internet Protocol Address, Border Gateway Protocol, Uniform Resource Locator, Application Server, Server Group, Java Virtual Machine, Component Architecture, Uniform Resource Locator, Enterprise Resource Planning System, Common Gateway Interface, Enterprise Java Bean, Pervasive Device, Common Gateway Interface Program, Central Processing Unit, Power4 Processor, Level2 Cache, Storage Area Network, Network Attach Storage. 

  • Web services, service-based approaches: Business Process Modeling, Web Service, BPEL4WS, Tool based Verification, Petri nets, Service Description, Eclipse Modelling Framework, Generate User Interface, Concrete Service, Abstract User Interface, Business Process, Service Composition, Service Discovery, Smart Device, Business Rule, Service Composition, Simple Object Access Protocol, Party Service, Dynamic Service Selection, Load Distribution Function, Service Composition, Simple Object Access Protocol, Party Service, Dynamic Service Selection, Load Distribution Function

  • Performance monitoring, evaluation metrics: Component Service, Observation Model, Composite Service, Service Interface, Complex Event Processing, Prognostics and Health Management, Performance Metrics, NASA, Prognostics and health management, Measurement, Conference management, Certification, Performance evaluation, Testing, Space vehicles, Computer science, Mission critical systems, Line-infrastructure, satellite radar interferometry (InSAR), monitoring line-infrastructure, multisensor SAR interferometry, satellite radar interferometry, stability, coherent scatterers, InSAR products, operational asset managers, uniform quality, advanced integrated products, generic performance assessment metrics,a-posteriori performance assessment

  • Application frameworks/architectures, processes, methodologies, testing: Multiagent systems, Computer networks, Computer security, Intrusion detection, Software tools, Application software, Paper technology, Computational modeling, Computer simulation, Learning systems, multiagent systems, computer network security assurance, MAS,agent-based simulator, computer network attacks, multiagent intrusion detection learning system, Multi-agent System Development Kit, Framework, project management, agile, IOMS, middleware, IOIS, IOS, IADR, APM, Organizations, Information systems, Complexity theory, Middleware, Project management, Biological system modeling, Software libraries, Operating systems, Message passing, Microservice architectures, Programming, Writing, Security, ROS, microservice, message queue, cloud robotics, robot system, RhoMBus.