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Journal of Capital Market and Securities Law

ISSN: 2582-6905


Focus and Scope

About the Journal

The Journal of Capital Market and Securities Law [2582-6905(e)] is a peer-reviewed hybrid open-access journal established in 2018. It has experienced substantial growth in resource mobilization, listed stock exchanges, market capitalization, and trading volumes. As the landscape of capital markets evolves, this journal provides a platform for professionals, law students, advocates, and researchers to contribute and explore challenges in securities markets.

Focus and Scope

  • Capital Market Instruments and Rating: Examination of financial market dynamics, equity-backed securities, and the impact on long-term investments by companies and governments, Analysis of credit risk, sovereign credit rating, and corporate credit ratings with a focus on short and long-term perspectives.
  • Securities Market Intermediaries: Comprehensive coverage of stock markets, bond markets, derivatives markets, and the role of intermediaries such as brokerages, market makers, and investment managers, Exploration of primary and secondary markets, Over-the-Counter (OTC) trading, and the function of various financial instruments.
  • Market Infrastructure Institution: In-depth analysis of recognized intermediaries, stock exchanges, clearing corporations, depositories, and regulatory actions to maintain market integrity, Examination of entities permitted to disseminate stock tips through bulk SMS and the role of nodal officers in Initial Public Offering (IPO) applications.
  • Debt Market: Coverage of the capital market’s role in the issuance, trading, and settlement of debt instruments with a focus on negotiable financial instruments, Exploration of debt market dynamics, including issues such as interest rates, maturity dates, and the mobilization of funds for governments, companies, and financial institutions.
  • Money Market: In-depth analysis of trading in short-term debt investments in the money market, involving institutions, traders, and individual investors, Exploration of money market funds, money market accounts, and certificates of deposit, emphasizing safety, liquidity, and returns.
  • Mutual Funds: Comprehensive coverage of mutual funds, their structure, performance evaluation, and ethical investment practices, Analysis of management styles, corporate governance, and socially responsible investment practices.
  • Venture Capital: Exploration of venture capital financing, syndication, and the impact on entrepreneurship, corporate finance, and capital gains tax, Coverage of venture capital firms, initial public offerings, and the relationship between venture capital and bankruptcy.
  • Collecting Investment Scheme: Analysis of pooled contributions from investors managed on their behalf, including unit trusts, investment trusts, and SEBI regulations, Exploration of investor protection measures and the role of independent financial advisors.
  • Resource Mobilization in the International Capital Market: Examination of entrepreneurship, social networks, and resource mobilization in the context of global depository receipts, American depository receipts, and external commercial borrowings.
  • Indian Depository Receipts: Analysis of Indian Depository Receipts, their arbitrage opportunities, and compliance with the Law of One Price, Exploration of the impact of economic fluctuations, political upheavals, and global events on depository receipts denominated in Indian rupees.
  • Securities Contract Act 1956: Coverage of the Securities Contract Act 1956, its role in regulating securities transactions, and the establishment of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), Exploration of investor protection, human resource accounting, and the broader social impact of securities transactions.
  • Issue & Listing Securities: In-depth coverage of financial instruments, private placements, and the interplay of investor protection, information asymmetry, and market structure, Analysis of ownership structures, trade execution costs, and corporate performance in the context of issuing and listing securities.

The Journal of Capital Market and Securities Law invites scholarly contributions to enrich the understanding of capital markets and securities laws, fostering a vibrant dialogue among professionals, researchers, and academics.