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International Journal of Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Cover

International Journal of Image Processing and Pattern Recognition

ISSN: 2456-6985


Focus and Scope

About the Journal

International Journal of Image Processing and Pattern Recognition [2456-6985(e)] is a peer-reviewed hybrid open-access journal launched in 2015 that acknowledges papers that are concerned with image processing and recognition. All the topics from image analysis to quadratic discriminate analysis fall under the scope and the focus of this journal.

Focus and Scope

  • Image analysis: Picture processing, pattern recognition, image analysis, image representation, noise sensitivity, information redundancy, regular moments, Legendre moments, Zernike moments, rotational moments, complex momentsImage analysis, Moment methods, Pattern Recognition, Image reconstruction, Polynomials, Stochastic resonance, Image representation, Pattern analysis, Image recognition, Image sampling.
  • Image understanding: Algorithm component, process definition, medical image understanding, domain-specific language XML-based process definition language, object recognition, computer vision, applied mathematics, signal analysis, artificial intelligence, medical image understanding process definition language, MPDL, medical image analysis software engineering, medical image understanding algorithm, software component model.
  • Digital image processing: Digital image processing, courseware use, image understanding, undergraduate group projects, courseware design, image analysis, undergraduate courses, applied image processing, computer vision, teaching computer-aided instruction, Machine vision, Image processing.
  • Text compression: XML compression, text compression markup-aware text compression,markup-awareness, Unix-like tool, XML data, XML markup data compression, text analysis, XML, Protocols, Data compression, Educational institutions, Roads, Runtime, Hybrid power systems.
  • Still image compression: Multimedia, telecommunication systems, still image compression, color transformation, rounding error accumulation, still, image compression, color transformations, transform techniques, predictive techniques, linear transformations, lossless compression image coding, Image color analysis, Roundoff errors, Vectors, Transform coding, Quantization, Biomedical imaging, Data processing, TV, Production.
  • Video image compression: Hybrid block/segment-based video compression, very low bit rate compression, algorithmic architecture, coding algorithms, image frames, block-based algorithm, segment-based algorithm, video coding, compression ratios, visual quality, image sequence, block-based coding, ITU-T H.263, block matching,2D translations, color coefficients, DCT coefficients, spatial accuracy, spline approximation, polygon approximation, motion prediction, affine transform data compression, video coding, discrete cosine transforms, transform coding, image matching, motion estimation.
  • Feature extraction: Global feature extraction, local feature extraction, hierarchical MAX method, HMAX method, pixel-level feature extraction, biologically inspired feature extraction, HSV color space model, Gaussian filter, standard HMAX method, biometric features, age estimation, surveillance, security, social economic benefit distribution, human population, digital revolution, facial feature extraction.
  • Linear discriminate analysis: Genetic algorithms, Algorithm design, and analysis, Data mining, Infrared spectra, Calibration, Bayesian methods, Statistics, Error analysis, Classification algorithms linear classifier, genetic arithmetic, feature wavelength.