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International Journal of Evidence Based Nursing And Practices


Focus and Scope

About the Journal

International Journal of Evidence-Based Nursing and Practices is a peer-reviewed hybrid open-access journal launched in 2015 designed to alert practicing nurses to important and clinically relevant advances in treatment, diagnosis, etiology, and prognosis. Evidence-based practice also provides opportunities for nursing care to be more individualized, effective, streamlined, and dynamic. When evidence is used to define best practices rather than to support existing practices, nursing care keeps pace with the latest technological advances and takes advantage of new knowledge developments.

Focus and Scope

  • Patient Safety: Close Calls, Heuristics, Human Centred Design And Usability, Intentional Unsafe Acts, Root Cause And Contributing Factors, Root Cause Analysis, Safety Assessment Code Matrix, Sentinel Events.

  • Improve Clinical Outcomes: Health Improvement, Inequalities, Organisational Theory, Wider Determinants Of Health, Population Health Integration.

  • Reduce Healthcare Costs: Healthcare, Cost, Efficiency, Payment, Prices, Saving, Value, Models.

  • Decrease Variation In Patient Outcomes: Patient Experiences, Illness Narratives, Chronic Disease, Health Promotion, Prevention, Rehabilitation, Qualitative Research, Participatory Research, and Biopsychosocial Perspective.

  • Patient Values: Patient Empowerment, Patient Involvement, Patient–Provider Relationship, Patient Safety Culture, Risk Management, Human Factors, Second Victim, Mental Health, Psychological Support, and Healthcare Providers’ well-being.

  • Clinical Expertise: Patient Safety, Secondary Care, Medication Handling, Clinical Interventions, Clinical Pharmacy.


  • Patient Safety
  • Improve Clinical Outcomes
  • Reduce Healthcare Costs
  • Decrease Variation In Patient Outcomes
  • Patient Values
  • Clinical Expertise