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International Journal of Genetic Modifications and Recombinations

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Vol-01 Issue-02 2023

Regular Issue  Open Access Original Research Published on :- 01-Dec-2023

An AAV Vector for Inducible Gene Expression Preferentially in Muscles
Renping Zhou, Yicong Le,, Zhengyun Jiang, Xi Zheng,, Christina Marinaro, Suzie Chen,, Bing Wang, Suqing Zhao, Min Chen, Philip Furmanski, Kun Zhang
Keywords: Gene therapy, AAV, muscle specific promoter, Tet-on, inducible gene expression


Regular Issue  Open Access Review Article Published on :- 23-Oct-2023

From Ancient DNA to Modern Livestock: Paleogenomics
Naveen Kumar Sheoran
Keywords: Breeding, Genetics, Livestock, Paleogenomics, DNA


Regular Issue  Subscription Original Research Published on :- 25-Oct-2023

Dimensionality Reduction Techniques and their Applications in Cancer Classification: A Comprehensive Review
Abrar Yaqoob, Mohd Abas Bhat, Zeba Khan
Keywords: Feature extraction, cancer classification, dimensionality reduction, feature selection

Regular Issue  Subscription Original Research Published on :- 25-Oct-2023

Molecular Docking Study: Targeting mycobacterium leprae ML2640 Protein Using Active Compounds from Coscinium fenestratum
Reshma P.
Keywords: Coscinium fenestratum, ML2640, ADME, ADMET, pharmacological analysis, mycobacterium leprae

Regular Issue  Subscription Original Research Published on :- 20-Aug-2023

Drugs for Alzheimer’s Disease from Salix Alba Discovered Computationally Utilizing Virtual Screening and Docking against 1b41 Protein
Sakshi Chaudhary, Samiksha Bhor
Keywords: Salix alba, Alzheimer’s disease, Acetylcholine, Acetylcholinesterase, Molecular docking, ADME analysis, Lipinski rule of 5