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February 24, 2023

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February 24, 2023

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An Interaction With Thomas Weisser, Chemical Engineer, Envirochemie, Germany

Thomas Weisser: A Chemical Engineer Dedicated to Environmental Sustainability

Thomas Weisser is a highly skilled Chemical Engineer currently working at Envirochemie, a leading provider of water and wastewater treatment solutions. With over 20 years of experience in the field, Weisser is committed to developing sustainable solutions that protect the environment while improving the efficiency of industrial processes.

Weisser’s expertise lies in the design and implementation of complex water treatment systems for a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, chemical manufacturing, and energy. He has extensive knowledge of membrane technology, biological treatment, and chemical precipitation, among other advanced treatment methods.

Weisser is known for his collaborative approach to problem-solving, working closely with his clients to understand their unique challenges and develop customized solutions that meet their specific needs. His ability to communicate complex technical concepts in simple terms has made him a valued partner for businesses looking to implement sustainable water treatment systems.

How did you get into the field of chemical engineering?

Mr. Weisser: Sure. I studied chemical engineering at the University of Stuttgart in Germany and then went on to work for several companies in the water treatment industry. Over the years, I have developed a passion for developing sustainable solutions for the treatment of wastewater, which is a critical issue facing our planet.

Can you tell us a little bit about your work at Envirochemie?

Mr. Weisser: Envirochemie is a leading provider of water and wastewater treatment solutions, and we work with a wide range of customers, including industrial and municipal clients. My role at Envirochemie is to develop and implement new technologies that are more sustainable and efficient than existing technologies.

Can you give us an example of some of the sustainable technologies that you have developed at Envirochemie?

Mr. Weisser: Sure. One of our most significant achievements has been the development of a new technology for the treatment of industrial wastewater that uses bacteria to break down organic pollutants. This technology is not only more sustainable than traditional chemical treatments, but it is also more efficient and cost-effective.

What are some of the challenges that you have faced in your work, and how have you overcome them?

Mr. Weisser: One of the biggest challenges that we face in the water treatment industry is the need to balance economic and environmental concerns. Our customers are looking for solutions that are both sustainable and cost-effective, and finding that balance can be challenging. However, by working closely with our customers and leveraging our expertise, we have been able to develop solutions that meet both of these requirements.

What advice would you give to young people who are interested in pursuing a career in chemical engineering?

Mr. Weisser: My advice would be to focus on developing a strong foundation in science and mathematics and to pursue a degree in chemical engineering or a related field. It is also essential to develop strong communication and teamwork skills, as these are critical in the industry. Finally, it is important to stay curious and keep learning, as the industry is constantly evolving.

Written and edited by Ms. Karuna Singh

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