Performance Evaluation of Dominant Red Barred D922 Breed at Peri-urban Areas of Gurage Zone in SNNPR of Ethiopia

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Yesuf Kedalla

Dinku Getu

Eyob Tagese

  1. Researcher Southern Agricultural Research Institute Worabe Ethiopia
  2. Researcher Southern Agricultural Research Institute Worabe Agricultural Research Ethiopia
  3. Researcher Southern Agricultural Research Institute Worabe Ethiopia


Animal production in general and chickens in particular play important socioeconomic roles. The aim of this study was to evaluate the performance of red barred dual breeds in peri-urban areas of the Gurage zone and to determine the economic feasibility under farmers’ management conditions to promote and disseminate the approved technology packages to the users. Participant farmers were selected purposively on the basis of willingness to cover all associated package costs. The training was given on poultry houses and housing, health care, feed and feeding, and data recording. A total of 350 red barred dual day old chicks including mortality allowance were distributed with two-month feed and chicks were vaccinated for NCDs, Marek’s, Gumboro, and Fowl pox diseases. Survival of chicks during the first 8 weeks of age under peri-urban farmer’s management condition was 79.4%. Mean body weight at 8 weeks of age, red barred dual breed under farmers’ management condition was 563.3±9 g/chick and at 20 weeks, the body weight was 1237.9±108 gm/pullets and 1450±38.6 g/cockerels. Average egg at first laying date was 217 days. The egg production performance of chicken was found to be 48.8% at first production and grows to 61% in case of peak production phase up to the end of data collection (60 weeks of age). Mean egg weight was 45.2±2.8, 53.8±1.2, and 60.3±2.9 gm at 5%, 50%, and peak production stage respectively. Even though farmers’ skills were observed less to appropriately manage the brooding, healthcare, and feeding red barred chicken breed found good in adaptation and productivity under peri-urban farmers management conditions.

Keywords: Animal production, fowl pox disease, red barred dual breeds, red barred dual-purpose chicken breed, production performance, and peri-urban farmers’ management

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Received April 1, 2021
Accepted April 5, 2021
Published April 5, 2023