Use of the Computer Statistics in Oncology

Year : 2023 | Volume : 12 | Issue : 01 | Page : 01-21

    M. Shoikhedbrod


Currently, the use of computer statistics and computer statistical modeling in oncology for obtaining an accurate diagnosis, determination of the choice of treatment method and its correction in the process of ongoing treatment, prediction of the outcome of the disease, and evaluation of the effectiveness of the chosen treatment tactics is a decisive factor. The use of computer statistics, based on an adapted scientific and statistical package of the SSP in oncology, which is the basis for the use
of computer statistical modeling of oncological processes, plays an important role in the effective treatment of cancer patients in clinical practice, since it permits, based on the creation of a computer medical and statistical to actively engage in the care of individuals undergoing cancer treatment, modify this statement. Effective
articipation in the treatment of cancer patients occurs due to the implementation of the tactics of individual planning of the examination of the patient, individualized
prognosis, which determine the possibility of an individual approach to the observation and postoperative treatment of the patient according to the constructed medical-statistical model. This paper presents the results of computer-statistical processing of information from cancer patients, using the SSP package of scientific and
statistical programs, which became the basis for the development of a computer statistical optimal interpolation model for accurately predicting of the timing of the appearance of metastases after surgery and of evaluating of the effectiveness of treatment of malignant neoplasms.

Keywords: Computer statistics, computer statistical modeling, computer optimal interpolation, estimation of malignant new formations treatment efficiency, precise prognosis of metastases appearance timing

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