Functional Outcomes in a Client with Hemiglossectomy and Segmental Mandibulectomy: A Case Report

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Year : 2022 | Volume : | Issue : 2 | Page : 34-40

    Gang-Ho Jong

  1. Hak-Bom Han

  2. Hui-Chol Kang

  1. Researcher, Department of Medicine, Pyongyang Medical University, Pyongyang, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
  2. Researcher, Department of Medicine, Pyongyang Medical University, Pyongyang, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
  3. Researcher, Department of Medicine, Pyongyang Medical University, Pyongyang, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea


Glossectomy and mandibulectomy are one of the most common surgical procedures carried out to remove oral tumors. To date, only a few studies have been published regarding the functional outcomes in an individual who have undergone both glossectomy and mandibulectomy. It is important to document detailed changes in speech subsystems, swallowing, and QoL. As a result, the current study focuses on the nature of speech impairment, swallowing difficulties, and quality of life in a 58- year-old man who had a malignant oral tumour and had hemiglossectomy and segmental mandibulectomy. A detailed speech evaluation (perceptual and objective), oral peripheral mechanism examination (OPME) along with swallowing and quality of life evaluation was carried out. Oromotor functions were found to be severely affected. Speech evaluation indicated the presence of misarticulations, compensatory articulation errors, and affected voice quality and prosody, ultimately affecting the understandability as well as acceptability of speech. A moderate degree of dysphagia was also identified during the swallowing evaluation. The ‘health-related QoL of the patient compared to the month before the development of cancer’ was somewhat worse, whereas the ‘healthrelated QoL during the last 7 days’ was fair, furthermore, the overall ‘QoL during the past 7 days’ was reported to be good. This knowledge is frequently applied to rehabilitation, employment, community participation, and to make family members aware of their role in the betterment of an individual with glossectomy or mandibulectomy.

Keywords: Facial filler, Hyaluronic acid, Facial fold, Botulinum toxin, HA and BTX-A

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Volume 11
Issue 2
Received September 27, 2021
Accepted February 14, 2022
Published February 21, 2022