Comprehensive Perspective on Coronary Heart Disease: A Review

Year : 2024 | Volume :14 | Issue : 01 | Page : 26-40

Durga Prasad Rath

Ajit Pal Singh

  1. Student BCVT Sharda School of Allied Health and Sciences, Sharda University U.P India
  2. Assistant Professor Sharda School of Allied Health and Sciences, Sharda University U.P India


The study explores intricate links between infections, inflammation, and coronary heart disease (CHD), emphasizing their multifaceted contributions to cardiovascular complications. It identifies infections as key players in atherosclerosis, a pivotal element in CHD development, with high antibody levels to specific pathogens as potential risk factors. The article highlights the role of the immune response and elevated C reactive protein (CRP) levels in amplifying infection-related CHD risks and recognizes smoking as a complicating factor. Emphasizing the cumulative impact of diverse pathogens on atherosclerosis, the article calls for comprehensive research. It advocates integrated approaches to address CHD risk factors through education, screening, and treatment, with recognition of hypertension and hypercholesterolemia as pivotal preventive strategies. Noting higher CHD prevalence in males, the study underscores gender-specific considerations. CHD management involves various procedures, pharmaceutical interventions, and surgeries, including percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) with angioplasty and stent placement. Overall, the data emphasizes holistic and personalized strategies to mitigate the public health impact of CHD. Coronary heart disease is a common heart disease in which our heart is not able to supply sufficient amount of blood, hence the arterial wall is blocked or interrupted by increasing the amount of fatty acid or deposition of cholesterol in the heart arteries and make inflammations, are the most common causes of coronary heart disease.

Keywords: Inflammation, heart, cardiovascular, complications, intervention. C-reactive protein (CRP)

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