A Study of Trends in Healthcare Spending in India

Year : 2024 | Volume :14 | Issue : 01 | Page : 24-28

Solanki Bhaveshkumar Hareshbhai

  1. Research Scholar Smt. P.N.R. Shah Mahila Arts and Commerce College Gujarat India


The total health services expenditure in India over a year has been pegged at 3.6% of GDP while the average person has to spend as much as 9,373 health expenses during the period, resulting in high costs on health services. About 3.2% of Indians fall below the poverty line by selling their wealth. Statistical data has been obtained and studied here from the reports of WHO, NHA and World Bank. The objectives of which are to make a comparative study of the trends behind the expenditure on health services carried out by the public sector and the expenditure behind healthcare done by the individual. So, during the year 2019–20, the government spent 41.4% of the total expenditure on health services while the person had to spend 47.1% resulting in a nominal expenditure of 5.7% to get health services. The implementation of various health insurance schemes by the government has effectively struck a balance between governmental and individual expenditure on healthcare services. These initiatives alleviate the financial burden on individuals by providing access to essential health services without direct out-of-pocket expenses. Consequently, citizens, particularly those previously unable to afford healthcare, now benefit from comprehensive coverage, promoting equitable access to medical services and enhancing overall societal well-being.

Keywords: Healthcare services, government healthcare expenditure, personal healthcare expenditure, medical services, health insurance

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Volume 14
Issue 01
Received February 22, 2024
Accepted March 1, 2024
Published April 22, 2024