Jayant Mahapatra’s India: A Mirage of Social Introspection

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Dr.Nishant B. Pandya1

  1. Assistant Professor Department of English. SDR Bapu Mahila Home Science and Lt. M. J. Kundaliya English Medium Mahila Commerce, Rajkot. Affiliated to Saurashtra University, Rajkot Gujarat India


Indian English Literature is a mixture of Indian sensibility and Indian Culture on one side and Western language on the other side. Indian English writers from different time frames have variedly injected the socio-political and cultural components in their literary works as it is said that Literature mirrors society and can serve as a social document. No writer can escape from the race, milieu, and moment in which he or she has lived. The same variedly colored and shaped their imagination and creativity and the same has been very well reflected in the works of Jayant Mahapatra. Jayant Mahapatra (1928), an Indian poet of remarkable vision and imagination, belongs to the generation of modern poets namely Nissim Ezekiel, A.K. Ramanujan, and Kamla Das. Jayant Mahapatra has been in the dominant position as an Indian Poet from 1970s and 1980s onwards. Indian English Poems have gained a new dimension and perspective in the hands of the aforesaid Indian poets who are true Indians depicting Indianness in its truest senses. Jayant Mahapatra stands in no exception for manifesting Indian culture in general and Oriya culture in particular with all its trials and tribulations, pains, and pangs of men, women, and children.
The present research papers propose to explore how Mahapatra uses his poetry as a vehicle for the expression of Indian scene in postcolonial era. His awareness about the sordid condition of the society and plight of people serves as the muse to his poetry. Close observation of the surroundings, problems of identity, myth, tradition, customs, rituals and contemporary situations/problems like Khalistan Movement, Nellie Massacre, Bhopal Gas tragedy are clear indicators of Indianness of Mahapatra which fall under the area of the concern.

Keywords: Jayant Mahapatra, Indianness, Postcolonial, Disillusionment, Contemporary, Indian English Poetry.

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