Smart Electric Energy Meter: Need of Every State Electricity’s Boards in India

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Year : 2022 | Volume : | Issue : 1 | Page : 12-16


  1. Assistant Professor, Rattan Institute of Technology and Management Palwal, Haryana, India


The energy meter is a device which is used to measure the electricity consumptions in the home appliances. The smart energy meters are the future energy meters that will helps us to managing are energy use. This basically means that we use electricity smartly, no extra wastage of electric energy by the use these type of smart energy meters. This will increase the living standards of electricity energy loving peoples. These meters can’t save the electric energy by itself infect these smart meters gives us time to time notifications. Thus we can manage our energy use. In this types of meters have internet of things(IoT) and have GPS enabled. Because of these types of features these energy meters so called smart energy meters. These smart meters provides notifications of our mobiles phones. These smart meter have high security features, if someone try to unlock or break the seal it will immediately inform to the electricity board and user too. This feature makes it in favour electricity board as it prevent from thieving electricity. These smart meters have many more feature like it has internal relay for remote load disconnect/reconnect. The smart energy meter has two way communication system open protocol (DLMS), GSM/RF inside. This types of smart electricity meters provides daily data transmission to the data collecting & monitoring centers. These meters have integrated remote connecting/disconnecting switch, HAN interface, data storage capability features in blackout conditions. These smart energy meters helps us to save electric energy, thus save money & save earth.

Keywords: Smart grid, energy meters, GPS enabled meters, Iot device, GSM/RF devices, WEM etc

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Published March 17, 2022