Innovations in HRM during COVID-19 Pandemic

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Year : 2023 | Volume :4 | Issue : 2 | Page : 1-8

    Naina Havaldar

  1. Lecturer, KLE College, Hubli, Karnataka, India


The radical changes caused by corona virus have uncommon implications on companies and on human resources as well. This has become challenge for the companies to handle their human resources and productivity under pressure during pandemic. So with this pandemic, it is necessary to study how human resources can be managed in different sectors. And it is also important to understand how companies manage to plan performance appraisal and about employee motivation during pandemic. The employees will be referred as human capital, the lifeblood. So to motivate employees during pandemic will be foremost task for company, specifically for HR and taking care of compensation, hike, promotion, etc. again which depends on performance appraisal should be done in the innovative ways. Companies are trying to bring innovations in HRM to motivate employees during pandemic for their career development programmes, implement reward systems, to conduct performance appraisal to motivate employees. Keeping in view of this, HR is evolving, with the focus of changing from the administrative tasks to the strategic plans to manage employees and make them to work to achieve productivity. To implement strategic plans, HR specialist from the companies should adapt the changing business environment to motivate employees as well to motivate themselves.

Keywords: Innovation, motivation, pandemic, productivity

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Regular Issue Open Access Article
Volume 4
Issue 2
Received October 17, 2021
Accepted October 22, 2021
Published January 22, 2023