Finite Element Analysis of Spur Gear Manufactured of Al7475-SiC Composites

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Er. Farman

Dr Manoj Kumar Gupta

  1. M.Tech Student Department of Mechanical Engineering NIT Kurukshetra Haryana India
  2. Assistant Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering NIT Kurukshetra Haryana India


The spur gear is used in power transmission systems in industrial and automotive sectors. But sometimes, these gears have problems with their teeth due to excessive stress and wear. Some gears don’t work as well, so in the present work better material is used to make them work well. Composite materials, which is known for their optimal strength-to-weight ratio and weight reduction benefits. So, these materials are considered substitutes for metallic gears. In this study steel gears are replaced with composite gears composed of aluminum and silicon carbide. This composite material provides better mechanical properties, like improved strength-to-weight ratio, increased hardness, and reduced failure risk, through solid modeling using SolidWorks and structural analysis conducted through ANSYS software. The spur gear performance is evaluated with different material compositions. This analysis aims to identify the most suitable material composition for gear so that the induced elastic strain and deformation is within limits. The optimized materials are selected for the casting of prototype spur gears

Keywords: Aluminum, Silicon Carbide, FEA analysis, Elastic strain, Total Deformation.

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Received March 21, 2024
Accepted April 18, 2024
Published May 21, 2024