Microstructural and Mechanical responses of Al6061 alloy matrix composite reinforced with yttria particles

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Vishal Kumar

Satnam Singh

  1. Research Scholar Mechanical Engineering Department, National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra Haryana India
  2. Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering Department, National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra Haryana India


The increasing need for materials that can improve the overall performance of automotive and aerospace components has driven the development of composite materials. Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites (AMMC) have become a popular alternative due to their ability to satisfy the changing needs of industries. This study investigates the mechanical characteristics of AMMC (Aluminium Matrix Metal Composite) made using the stir casting method. The study examines the effects of different amounts of Y2O3 (yttria/YO) reinforcement, specifically at 1wt%, 2wt%, and 3wt%, when combined with aluminium alloy 6061. By conducting thorough evaluations of density, hardness, and tensile strength, it was shown that the composite containing 3wt% of yttria demonstrates superior characteristics in comparison to base aluminium. The hardness and ultimate tensile strength of composite having 3wt% of yttria is 26% and 42.2% more than the base alloy Al6061. The microstructural characteristics of the composites were meticulously examined employing Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). The uniform dispersion of the reinforcement within the matrix has been found. As the quantity of yttria is increased, the grain size becomes finer. The failure of composites shows the ductile to brittle fracture due to the presence of yttria particles

Keywords: Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite, yttria, hardness, tensile strength, microstructure, fractography.

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Received March 21, 2024
Accepted May 1, 2024
Published May 17, 2024