Comparison of Index and Engineering properties of weak soils stabilized by Rubber Tyre Chips and Powder

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M. Ammaiappan1

K. Natarajan

  1. Associate Professor Department of Civil Engineering, Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Tamil Nadu India
  2. Associate Professor Department of civil and Structural Engineering, Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu India


Engineered constructions on weak or soft ground soil carry inherent risks due to the instability of the foundation. Soft ground lacks the necessary strength to support structures adequately, making it prone to settlement, subsidence, or even collapse under the weight of buildings or infrastructure. Various methods of improvements are used to improve the soil’s stability to support various of the solution is can use the waste products incorporated into the soil. The reinforcement material used in this experiment is waste shredded rubber, which comes in the form of chips and powder. The principal aim of this study is to investigate the index and engineering performance of soil reinforced with rubber type powder (RTP) and rubber chips (RTC) randomly incorporated. To find the characteristics of the soil sample, the samples were subjected to various limits in Atterberg’s, swelling potential, Standard (Std.) Proctor Compaction test, CBR and uniaxial compression testing. The experimental works were conducted with various percentages namely 0%,4%,6%8% of both additives to virgin soil. By the outcome results, the best additive has been suggested with clayey soil.

Keywords: Weak Soil (Clayey Soil), Waste tyre powder, Waste tyre chips, MDD, CBR, and UCC.

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Received March 3, 2024
Accepted April 4, 2024
Published May 14, 2024