Performance Analysis of a Three-DOF Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvester

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Year : 2023 | Volume :11 | Special Issue : 09 | Page : 10-18

Dr S Srinivasulu Raju


Mechanical vibration energy can be transformed into electrical energy by a vibration energy harvester, which can then be stored in the battery for later use. It can convert vibrational motions like walking, leaping, running, etc. into pure renewable energy. This can turn previously squandered energy into energy that can be used to recharge wireless sensors and portable electronics. If these gadgets are used widely, they can produce a lot of green energy and contribute to environmental protection. The majority of MEMS energy harvesters are made to collect energy solely in one direction. A new three-Degree of freedom (DOF) MEMS piezoelectric vibration harvester solution is proposed in this work. A core silicon mass in the shape of a H is sustained by two pairs of T-beams on either side of the device. The mass is fixed on both sides along four sets of folded beams that oscillate in the X direction. The mass can vibrate in both the Y and Z axes thanks to two sets of straight rays. Along the beam surfaces, the piezoelectric material is already placed. It can transform the beams’ vibrational energy into electrical energy voltage that flows via the rectifier circuit to recharge the battery. A more effective energy harvesting outcome is achieved by the device’s ability to capture vibrational energy along all three axes. Using the COMSOL Multiphysics® programme, it is both developed and simulated. It is proposed that MEMS energy harvesters be mounted to shoes, tyres, or other vibrating surfaces from which it harvests energy from motion while moving while traveling, running, and walking.

Keywords: cantilever beam, piezoelectric, stress, deflection, non-traditional geometry

This article belongs to Special Issue Conference ICEMTA 2023

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Conference Open Access Review Article
Volume 11
Special Issue 09
Received September 7, 2023
Accepted September 17, 2023
Published November 21, 2023