Design and Analysis of Engine Mount Bracket to Enhance the Crash Performance of the Engine Mounting System

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Year : 2023 | Volume :11 | Special Issue : 08 | Page : 122-128

    K V P T Jagannadha Rao K


The gradual evolution of automobile industries led to rise in the competition in providing the customer with quality while riding and comfort. This compelled the designers of each component to pay close attention towards the production of high-quality components. In the present scenario of the engine mount bracket designing, the dominant parameters like design change and material change play a crucial role. In the current generation of automobiles, the chances of changing the material are getting leaner as the strength to weight ratio of different materials that can be procured in bulk have closed to their pinnacle. Hence, the permutations with design of the engine mount bracket to enhance the crash worthiness is considered to be a better alternative. The current study deals with the observation of the engine mounting bracket characteristics like crash worthiness and other mechanical aspects during loading conditions. This objective is expected to be achieved by engineering of the engine side suspension mount bracket. This involves designing of the new bracket, meshing, converting it into a solid FEM model and application of different kinds of loads on the solid bracket model to analyze the behavior of the bracket. The model is designed in CATIA, cleaning, meshing and solid FEM model is generated using ANSA, crash related analysis is done in PAMCRASH solver, the results are viewed in ANSA meta post to inspect the breaking behavior of the engine mount bracket.

Keywords: Engine mount bracket, crash worthiness, FEM model, Analysis

This article belongs to Special Issue Conference International Conference on Innovative Concepts in Mechanical Engineering (ICICME – 2023)

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Conference Open Access Original Research
Volume 11
Special Issue 08
Received August 18, 2023
Accepted September 12, 2023
Published November 20, 2023