Taguchi Design for Optimization of Reinforcement at Toe area of Carbon Fiber Foot Plate

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Year : 2023 | Volume :11 | Special Issue : 08 | Page : 115-121



This paper uses the Taguchi method to design experiments to determine the effect of various factors, such as fiber orientation, fiber type, and number of layers, on the reinforcement at the toe area. The experiments are Taguchi method, which allows for identifying the optimal combination of factors that minimize the carried out using a combination of computer simulations and physical tests. The results are analyzed using the variability in the reinforcement at the toe area. The study’s findings indicate that the optimal combination of factors for the reinforcement at the toe area of the carbon fiber footplate includes a fiber orientation angle of 45 degrees, a fiber type of T700S, and a four-layer reinforcement structure. In addition, the optimized foot plate shows a significant improvement in mechanical properties, including higher stiffness, strength, and fatigue resistance, compared to the optimized footplate. Overall, the results of this study demonstrate the effectiveness of the Taguchi method for optimizing the reinforcement at the toe area of a carbon fiber footplate. As a result, the optimized foot plate can be used in various applications, including sports equipment, prosthetics, and orthotics, to improve the performance and durability of these devices.

Keywords: Taguchi design, optimization, reinforcement, foot plate, toe area

This article belongs to Special Issue Conference International Conference on Innovative Concepts in Mechanical Engineering (ICICME – 2023)

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Conference Open Access Original Research
Volume 11
Special Issue 08
Received August 18, 2023
Accepted September 17, 2023
Published November 15, 2023