Characterization and Fabrication of Hybrid Matrix Composites of AZ91E Metal with Distinct Reinforcements of Fly Ash and ZrO2

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Year : 2023 | Volume :11 | Special Issue : 08 | Page : –

Surya Chandra Swamy Gari


The current work choose the characteristics of (Magnesium composite) AZ91E-ZrO2-Fly ash Hybrid Metal Matrix using the regular analytic system. The chosen materials for this purpose are fly ash and ZrO2 in equivalent load extents, Stir casting uses a vortex technique to produce composite materials. A comprehensive experimental investigation was conducted to assess the performance characteristics of AZ91E-ZrO2-Fly ash during the cold upsetting process. The study involved utilizing AZ91E magnesium alloy and incorporating ZrO2 and Fly ash particles on different weight ratios (0%, 5%, and 10%) through the stir method. The UTM was employed to test these samples, revealing their mechanical compressive properties such as maximum compressive strength (in MPa), maximum compressive strain, and Young’s modulus (in MPa). Standard analytical equations were used to determine the hub, compressive, and hydrostatic pressures, and the obtained results were compared to those obtained from ANSYS programming, showing consistency between the two. Strength co-efficient, strain hardening explains the plastic conduct on manufactured sample. Composites built up with fly ash and ZrO2 in various weight rates changing since 0 – 10 % rate with a molecule size of fifty three μm were arranged. Pre-arranged composite be described utilizing optical magnifying lens, Scattering electron microscope.

Keywords: ZrO2/Fly Ash, Reinforcements, ANSYS, SEM, compressive strength

This article belongs to Special Issue Conference International Conference on Innovative Concepts in Mechanical Engineering (ICICME – 2023)

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Conference Open Access Original Research
Volume 11
Special Issue 08
Received August 18, 2023
Accepted September 12, 2023
Published November 15, 2023