Fabrication and Characterization of Zinc-based Alloy for Bio-implants

Open Access

Year : 2023 | Volume :11 | Special Issue : 07 | Page : 1-13

Toshit Jain


Zinc-based alloys are potential biodegradable implants and can replace Magnesium and Titaniumbased materials via engineering their biomechanical properties with Zinc. Implants, due to their intricate geometries are difficult to fabricate by conventional manufacturing techniques. Therefore, they are usually fabricated by Additive manufacturing and Powder metallurgy techniques. In the present work, Zinc, Magnesium, manganese and titanium are alloyed using powder metallurgy technique. Vickers micro-hardness, UTM, Zeiss microscopy and Corrosion testing using body fluid are used for evaluation of mechanical properties. MWCNT dip coating is used to enhance the biomechanical characteristics of the prepared samples. The compressive strength of Zinc alloy is increased significantly when Magnesium, titanium and manganese are added in to the Zn based matrix. The micro-hardness of prepared samples are in the acceptable range for bio-implant application. Dip coating of MWCNT on Zn-1Mg-.8Mn shows better deposition and body fluid corrosion results marks considered as potential engineered alloy for bio implants fabrication in place of Ti-based implants.

Keywords: Zinc-based Alloys, Biomechanical characterization, ball milling powder metallurgy, nanotube dip-coating

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Special Issue Open Access Original Research
Volume 11
Special Issue 07
Received August 22, 2023
Accepted September 11, 2023
Published November 13, 2023