Dispersion Analysis of TE Modes in 1D Magnetized Ferrite Photonic Crystals for Tunable and Switchable Band Gap Filtering Device Applications under Transverse Magnetization Configuration

Year : 2023 | Volume : 11 | Issue : 07 | Page : –

    Dr. Yogesh Sharma


The article comprehensively explores the dispersion characteristics exhibited by TE modes within one-dimensional magnetized ferrite photonic crystals, particularly under the influence of transverse magnetization. We employed the rigorous transfer matrix method, a powerful tool for theoretical investigation, calculation, and behavior analysis of such intricate systems. Our research delves into the structural parameters that govern the behavior of these ferrite photonic crystals, explicitly focusing on the incident parallel wave vector (β) and the filling factor (f) while also considering the impact of an external magnetic field. This multifaceted analysis reveals intriguing insights into the behavior of electromagnetic waves within these unique crystal structures. One of the key findings of our study is the profound influence of the filling factor (f) and the incident wave vector (β) on the emergence and properties of photonic band gaps (PBGs). Notably, as we increased both the filling factor (f) and the incident wave vector (β) while keeping the length of the period constant, we observed a significant effect on the allowed and forbidden band gaps. These band gaps shifted towards the higher wavelength region, illustrating the dynamic nature of these crystals in response to varying parameters. When β is equal to or greater than 3, no band is allowed, and the entire band appears to become a gap. This intriguing behavior suggests the potential utility of these structures as tunable and switchable band gap filtering devices with promising applications in various fields. Our comprehensive study sheds light on the intricate dispersion characteristics of TE modes within magnetized ferrite photonic crystals, offering valuable insights into their behavior under transverse magnetization. This research contributes to the fundamental understanding of these materials and opens doors to innovative applications in photonics band gap research application.

Keywords: Ferrite photonic crystal, Magnetic Field, Dispersion behaviour, Photonic Band Gaps

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Special Issue Open Access Original Research
Volume 11
Issue 07
Received August 21, 2023
Accepted September 13, 2023
Published September 25, 2023