Fractal Analysis of Vertical Component of VLF Electric Field Related to Major Shallow Earthquakes (5.5 < M ≤ 5.9, depth ˂ 10 km) occurred in Indian Ocean and China

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Year : 2023 | Volume :11 | Special Issue : 07 | Page : 46-52

Raj Pal Singh


Recording of amplitude of vertical component of VLF electric field is continued at Chaumuhan, Mathura (27.5° N, 77.68° E) at the frequency f = 3.012 kHz from 24 March 2011 with the help of vertical antenna. In this paper, fractal analysis of VLF data is carried out for the April 2012 and July 2013 months and the fractal dimension is computed using Higuchi’s method to study the influence of three shallow and major seismic events (5.5 < M ≤ 5.9, depth˂10 km) that happened in Indian ocean and China on the recorded data on it. Analysis of data yielded a decrease in fractal dimension, 6–14 days prior to onset of quakes considered. In addition to this, the effect of lightning activity, magnetic storms local building noises and power line emissions is examined on fractal dimension of VLF data. It is found that the said factors do not influence the fractal dimension of VLF data.

Keywords: Earthquakes, Terrestrial antenna, VLF data, Fractal analysis, Higuchi’s method

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Special Issue Open Access Original Research
Volume 11
Special Issue 07
Received August 14, 2023
Accepted August 31, 2023
Published November 13, 2023