Flexural Analysis of Concrete Specimens with Substantial Substitution of Cement by Marble Dust and Scrap Rubber as Fibre

Year : 2023 | Volume : 11 | Issue : 04 | Page : –

    Supriya Jain


Concrete is a crucial material in building and construction. Concrete is becoming more and more in demand every day. Concrete’s essential ingredients are running out, therefore we need to find replacements. In addition to providing the necessary strength to the concrete, the replacement materials should also have the properties of the genuine components used in concrete. Typically, compression is where concrete shines, whereas tension and shear are where it falters. This research is being done to find out how fibre-reinforced concrete behaves. The qualities, such as compressive, flexural, and split tensile strength, are examined by incorporating rubber tyres into the concrete at a 2% ratio. Two percent fibre was shown to be the sweet spot. Since ancient times, architects have frequently chosen to work with marble. The goal of this research was to find the best way to incorporate waste marble dust into concrete without sacrificing strength by using the recommended quantity of rubber tyre fibres (2%). The effects of partial replacement at different percentages, such as 0%, 10%, and 20%, on concrete characteristics were studied.

Keywords: Rubber tyre, waste marble dust, concrete, compressive strength, flexural strength

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Special Issue Open Access Original Research
Volume 11
Issue 04
Received December 12, 2022
Accepted April 3, 2023
Published May 1, 2023