A Comparative Analysis of Graphene Based Terahertz Reconfigurable Antennas: A Review

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Year : 2023 | Volume : 11 | Special Issue : 05 | Page : 44-55

    Rajni Idiwal


In this paper, an overview of various reconfigurable antenna designs based on graphene material utilized for terahertz applications is presented. Terahertz electromagnetic spectrum is the term used to describe the frequency range between 0.1 and 10 THz. A promising material for THz reconfigurable antennas, graphene has a low skin effect and a built-in ability to tune by chemical or electrostatic gating. This study reviews the development of reconfigurable antenna for terahertz applications using graphene. Due to the conductive nature of graphene, antenna properties including frequency, polarization, and radiation efficiency can be changed. In order to study the attributes of antennas for use in the terahertz domain, numerous structures are evaluated and analyzed in this research. A comparison analysis of reconfigurable antenna in the terahertz region is done in the paper after a brief introduction and literature review.

Keywords: Antenna designs, Graphene, Terahertz region, Complementary split ring resonator , Electrostatic gating

This article belongs to Special Issue Conference ICASEMCT-2023: International Conference on Advancements in Smart Electronics, Materials and Communication Technologies

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Conference Open Access Review Article
Volume 11
Special Issue 05
Received May 5, 2023
Accepted July 6, 2023
Published July 26, 2023