The Study of Gravimetric Thermal Analysis and Some Physical Properties of a Binary Polymeric Mixture of Unsaturated Ester and Peach Seed Powder

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Year : 2023 | Volume : 11 | Special Issue : 02 | Page : 33-46

    Thaer Abed Hallow

  1. Lecturer, Collage of Science, University of Mosul, Mosul, Iraq


Strengthening polyester resin and increasing its hardening was studied by adding peach seed powder. We also studied how to change the thermal properties after strengthening the resin by adding different weight percentages of peach seed powder (5%, 10%, 15%). The thermal properties of polyesters were studied before and after cementing, which included thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) and treatment at different temperatures (21, 51, 81, 121, 151ºC.) The effect of acidic functions (pH 5, 7, and 8) was also studied. The following results were obtained: When comparing the weight ratio values at 310°C (Wt%)310 with the TGA values, it was found that these values are in agreement with the variable temperature TGA. This behavior can be attributed to the unsaturated polyester containing the peach
seed powder, which makes it slightly affected by heat. This observation indicates that the TGA values can be considered a good measure of thermal stability. It was also found that the initial decomposition temperature (IDT) values were less than 350° C in all these treatments, while the complete decomposition temperature (CDT) values ranged between 416°C and 550°C and did not reach 600°C. The average values of (Wt%)310 did not exceed 55%. The highest weight ratio values were found at (Wt%)310 and IDT and CDT were found in neutral medium. It is also found that the IDT and CDT values of the composite polymeric compounds containing peach seeds powder at 10% were high.

Keywords: Thermogravimetric analysis, peach seed powder, polymeric composites, unsaturated ester

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Conference Open Access Original Research
Volume 11
Special Issue 02
Received December 8, 2022
Accepted January 1, 2023
Published April 18, 2023