Water Quality Index Assessment of the Groundwater of Industrial Area and Absorption by Polymer Composites

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Year : 2023 | Volume : 11 | Special Issue : 01 | Page : 36-45

    Dasari Sravani

  1. Associate Professor, Aditya College of Engineering and Technology, Andhra Pradesh, India


Introduction: Water plays a pivotal role in the existence of human life. Water quality index is an important parameter that helps in improving the quality of drinking and groundwater. Due to anthropogenic activities, the quality of ground and drinking water is decreased. Objective: The main objective of research is to find the water quality index of the groundwater and bore water in selected industrial area of Kakinada and analyse the use of polymer composites for desalination and water treatment. Results: The research results revealed that at sampling sites S-1, S-2 and S-3, water quality index is less than 100, which is considered as poor quality of drinking water. At sites S-4 to S- 12, the water quality index is greater than 100, which is not suitable for drinking. Conclusion: The water quality index observed at various stations shows that water at some places is not fit for drinking. Index at sites S-1, S-2 and S-3 is below 100 (very poor quality) and sites S4 to S12 water is more polluted and unfit for drinking. The groundwater needs to be protected from pollution and government need to take necessary measures to improve the quality of groundwater. Cyclodextrin polymer composites are effective for removal of hardness and desalination.

Keywords: Water, water quality index, groundwater, drinking water, polymer composites

This article belongs to Special Issue Conference International Conference on Innovative, Sustainable Materials and Technologies (ICISMT-2022)

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Conference Open Access Original Research
Volume 11
Special Issue 01
Received December 21, 2022
Accepted March 19, 2023
Published May 18, 2023