Intrusion Detection Using ANN Machine Learning for MIM, DOS, BO

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Year : 2023 | Volume :10 | Issue : 1 | Page : 46-53

    Pragati Pejlekar

  1. Shlok Gautam Gamare

  2. Vedant Thaksen Gavhane

  3. Vishal Namdeo Kamble

  1. Assistant Professor, Saraswati, College of Engineering, Khargha, , India
  2. student, Saraswati, College of Engineering, Khargha, , India
  3. student, Saraswati, College of Engineering, Khargha, , India
  4. student, Saraswati, College of Engineering, Khargha, , India


Intrusion detection system is a software program developed to use on computer systems so that it can identify intrusion attack with help of different techniques like the machine learning algorithms. The variety of assaults over the internet has multiplied through the years because of the development and smooth availability of computing technologies. Attackers develop new attack types, so in order to save you from those assaults, intrusion detection systems must first be successfully identified (IDS). An intrusion Detection System (IDS) is used to maintain security of network. The supervised machine learning system is designed to scan network traffic whether it is malicious or benign. To have best intrusion attack detection success rate, a combination machine learning algorithm and feature selection method has been used. In this study, we have used the machine learning algorithm Artificial Neural Network (ANN) with feature selection from network traffic. We downloaded the training dataset from NSL-KDD to classify network packets using machine learning methods like ANN algorithm. Machine learning algorithms are better to detect intrusion and can protect systems efficiently. We have trained machine learning algorithm on dataset from NSL-KDD to detect type of intrusion attack. We have used Wireshark to capture network packets and filter them, so the ANN machine learning algorithm can use these filtered packets to detect what type of attack was done on computer system.

Keywords: Intrusion detection, machine learning, supervised learning, NSL-KDD dataset

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Regular Issue Open Access Article
Volume 10
Issue 1
Received May 12, 2022
Accepted May 23, 2022
Published January 30, 2023