Algorithm Visualization Using CI/CD

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Year : 2022 | Volume : | Issue : 1 | Page : 37-42

    Anjali Kumari

  1. Sankalp Dwivedi

  2. Vikrant Chauhan

  3. Shreya Sharma

  1. Student, Computer Science and Engineering Department, ABES Institute of Technology, Uttar Pradesh, India


The visualization of algorithms demonstrates how algorithms work more efficiently. Essentially, it seeks to simplify and automate the visualization of the algorithm. Using algorithm visualizations, we have discussed how standard algorithms can be taught more effectively and efficiently with automation and further can be used as open source. Our aim is to present a way to deploy our project using CI/CD which will be a far more efficient platform. Therefore, to achieve this, we are using Amazon Web Service to not only automate but it will be also used for hosting website. Elastic Beanstalk will be utilised as a manager and will take care of everything from building an EC2 instance to deploy a service on an EC2 instance, as well as monitoring, scaling, updating, and management. Elastic Beanstalk is a service of AWS which is used to host dynamic website like a website which will use node image to be hosted. It is the fastest way to get web application running on AWS. As we can have integrated it with GitHub webhook so that any merges in branch will trigger to latest deployment itself. We can also create different environment for testing so that it will lead to more stability in release, and we can get notified by SNS service of AWS which will send a mail regarding the triggered pipeline. This project not only helps in visualization but also how to automate or work using different services, which is beneficial for us and helps in improving our release of product.

Keywords: Algo viz, animation platform, online learning tool, CI/CD, EC2 instance

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Regular Issue Open Access Article
Volume 13
Issue 1
Received April 29, 2022
Accepted May 2, 2022
Published May 6, 2022