Critical Examination of Project Success Definition and Factors for Project Success Criteria

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Tareg Botouli

Mahmoud Abdurraheem

  1. Lecturer Department of Engineering, Higher Institute of Science and Technology, Tamzawa Al Shati, Libya.
  2. Lecturer Department of Engineering, Higher Institute of Science and Technology, Tamzawa Al Shati, Libya.


Project success is understood as the process of measuring the success determinants such as resource management, needful level of funds, application of suitable leadership styles, as well as meeting the defined goals of a project. The success of a project is also determined by the commercial benefits obtained from a defined project. In this research paper, the definition of project success and relevant criteria for project success management is critically examined. The research employed a secondary method for collecting data and thematic analysis for data-evaluation purposes. Time, budget, uncertainty management, project team coordination, mutual trust and collaboration, personnel skills, project knowledge as well as project monitoring are identified as the valuable criteria for project success management. The paper initiates future research in the direction of applying an agile approach which might be helpful for managing flexibility in allocating resources within a defined project. The agile approach also helps in handling complexities by coordinating and communicating with the stakeholders regarding the project in a rigorous manner to ensure the project’s success.

Keywords: project success, uncertainty, time, coordination, personnel

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Received March 20, 2024
Accepted April 11, 2024
Published April 12, 2024