Dynamic Analysis of Irregular Building with Box Type Shear Wall at Center under Different Type of Soil

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Year : 2021 | Volume : | Issue : 2 | Page : 37-49

    Kajal Sarawade

  1. Bhalchandra S.A.


Building engineers are being shown to accept High rise construction due to increase shortage and land cost. The development of high-rise buildings presents many challenges with the type of lateral load. In High rise buildings getting better efficiency and the high-strength shear wall is an effective solution. The Optimum location of the shear wall depends upon the structural shape of buildings. For irregular structures, inner shear walls provide more strength and durability of the structure, whereas outer shear walls exceeded the permissible limit of width of roof or roof space. During an earthquake seismic waves are transmitted to the surface of the earth by the shape of the local soil. The motion of earthquake wave passes through the ground which in turn alter the input motion with its ground related to motion. The physical characteristics of soil are the reason for a structural response of the structure. In this paper, unusual G+15 structure with the box type shear wall under a different type of soil in which are divided such as soft, medium, and hard soil, For earthquake zone III according to IS1893(part 1):2016 studied. the deviant structural behavior was analyzed by performing dynamic analysis using Staad Pro. Vi8 software. The axial force, base shear, moment, and displacement are read and ended the comment.

Keywords: Dynamic analysis, Box type shear wall, Soft, Medium, Hard Soil

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Regular Issue Open Access Article
Volume 11
Issue 2
Received August 15, 2021
Accepted August 21, 2021
Published August 30, 2021