Fatigue Analysis of the FSAE Vehicle’s Front Wheel Hub

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Year : 2023 | Volume :9 | Issue : 1 | Page : 18-26


  1. Student, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IEC College of Engineering and Technology, Greater Noida, India


This study illustrates the design and analysis of the FSAE vehicle’s front wheel hub. Because wheel hubs are subjected to cyclic loads on a continuous basis, there is a risk of fatigue, which leads to material failure. The start and spread of cracks in a material as a result of cyclic loading is known as fatigue. The brake discs could not be easily removed since the disc is positioned between the knuckle and the hub in the current design of wheel hub used for student formula vehicles. If the disc bends or is damaged in any way, replacing it becomes tough. Furthermore, installing a commercial vehicle’s OEM hub and knuckle would increase unsprung mass, which should be avoided in student formula cars to maximize performance. As a result, we must examine the model to ensure that it does not malfunction during the race. We could indeed reduce fatigue by using the right material. We chose Al 7178 alloy for the wheel hub after researching the properties of various materials. We can predict the fatigue life of a wheel hub by creating a CAD model and analysing it with ANSYS software.

Keywords: Wheel hub, fatigue analysis, Ansys, Solid Works optimization

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Volume 9
Issue 1
Received May 27, 2022
Accepted May 31, 2022
Published January 31, 2023