Space Optimization for Residence

Year : 2023 | Volume : 01 | Issue : 01 | Page : 10-19

    Mr. Sayantan Nandy

  1. Deepti Pande Rana

  1. Student, Amity School of Architecture, Amity University, Lucknow, India
  2. Associate Professor, Amity School of Architecture, Amity University, Lucknow, India


Apartments are getting smaller as urban housing density rises and the population grows. People are being forced to inhabit less space as a result of rising urbanization expenses and housing costs. In order to have quick access to all of the city’s amenities, we find ourselves preferring small flats in the city center or as near to it as feasible. Living in a tiny flat has advantages and disadvantages, of course. While it might be warm and simple to maintain on a daily basis, we rapidly run out of room to keep everything we need. The difficulties of residing in a tiny flat are: We all have a tendency to acquire items when we reside in a property for a few years. How to organize Design well to maximize space. We must consider the function of a room while developing its lawet and, on the basis of that, divide the area into compact functional zones. For instance, we might need to convert the living room into an additional sleeping section if we require seats for our family and visitors. In this instance, pick a couch bed that satisfies both requirements. Remember that furnishings accessories are equally crucial and shouldn’t be burdensome, so pay close attention to the design specifics. Roller blinds and double-glazed Venetian blinds, for instance, are ideal for tiny apartments since they take up very little space and are simple to maintain. When seeking suggestions fore furniture, accessories, and other items to best utilize the space. The art of interior design focuses on enhancing a building’s interior while also making the most use of available space. varied people may have varied ideas on what constitutes an elegant but effective house. However, there are several broadly applicable general interior design strategies that may help we make a tiny or studio apartment appear larger and more spacious.

Keywords: Space optimization, small spaces, minimalism, apartment’s furniture

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