Deforestation: Causes and Consequences of the Global Crisis

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Year : 2022 | Volume : | Issue : 1 | Page : 29-34

    Manoj Kumar

  1. Student, Department of Chemistry, Vivekanand Degree College, Uttar Pradesh, India


Climate change is unavoidable due to the dynamic character of global ecosystems. The reasons of these environmental changes are both man-made and natural. Human activities have always had an impact on the environment. As economic activity and population expansion have risen to the point that they can no longer be disregarded or seen in isolation, the consequences of mankind just on environment could no longer be ignored or examined in isolation. Because of extensive forest resource depletion, the quality of many basic parts of the natural resource base, like air, water, soil, etc. is deteriorating. Pollution is another source of concern, as it has long-term and possibly irreversible impacts, including climate change. A conclusion this study provides an overview of the consequences of deforestation from the perspectives of a variety of stakeholders. The campaign to rescue the world’s rainforests and other forests is still ongoing, and global awareness of the issue is increasing. We must first understand why forests are being destroyed in order to save them. It is essential to identify between the agents of deforestation and the reasons of deforestation in order to comprehend the primary variables that contribute to deforestation. Farmers who slash and burn, farm owners, ranchers, loggers, firewood collection, and infrastructure developers are all examples of slash and burn farmers, and others who chop down trees are agents of deforestation. The forces that drive agents to remove forests are known as deforestation causes. However, much of the extant literature divides specific elements into two categories: direct and indirect causes of deforestation. Deforestation’s direct agents and causes.

Keywords: Consequences, deforestation, erosion, climate change, wildlife

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Volume 8
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Received March 20, 2022
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Published April 28, 2022