Bituminous of Plastic Road

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Year : 2023 | Volume :7 | Issue : 2 | Page : 22-45

    Nadira Khan

  1. Shibu Singh

  1. Student, Ashoka institute of technology and Management Varanasi, , India
  2. Student, Ashoka Institute of Technology and Management, , India


Transfer of waste materials, such as plastic sacks, has become a significant issue, and plastic wastes are singed for transport, causing severe environmental impact. The use of waste plastics in bituminous mixes has shown that they improve the blend’s characteristics while also reducing transfer difficulties. Plastic garbage that has been separated and cleaned is sliced so that it can pass through a sieve with a size of 2 mm – 3 mm using a shredding machine. The application of this technology will not only improve road construction but will also increase road life expectancy and aid to improve environmental conditions. Plastic roads would be beneficial given India’s hot and humid climate, where temperatures regularly exceed 50 degrees Celsius and downpours cause massive destruction, leaving a huge percentage of the asphalt with massive pot gaps. In our investigation, we conducted a thorough analysis of the technique for incorporating waste plastic into bitumen and aggregates, as well as displaying the results of several tests on bitumen and aggregates. This waste plastic modified bitumen blend has improved constraining properties, strength, thickness, and water resistance. Because the vast majority of India’s streets are of the adaptable variety, the use of such tactics is easily adaptable on a large scale. The addition of plastic waste to bitumen grows softening point, specific gravity (then sudden shrinking is noted after reaching most extreme point), penetration value, and ductility, according to the investigations of properties of the plastic waste-mixed bitumen. Bitumen and aggregates were coated with plastic, which improved the essential qualities of both aggregates and bitumen. The present review will come about lesser road repairs and utilisation of plastic wastes will use non-biodegradable wastes.

Keywords: Waste disposal, modified bitumen, modified aggregate, highway construction, plastic waste

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Volume 7
Issue 2
Received February 1, 2022
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Published January 13, 2023