Short Review on Indoor Farming a Future of the Country

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Year : 2022 | Volume : 07 | Issue : 02 | Page : 27-32

    Suryansh Sarin

  1. Student, Department of Biotechnology, Ashoka Institute of Technology and Management Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India


We are currently confronted with unstoppable tendencies in population growth, water scarcity,urbanization, and ongoing and persistent climatic change. All of these factors lead to dwindling arable land stocks per person. Land resources for agriculture are dwindling, and officials in the country are grappling with issues of sustainability and feeding the country’s fast rising population. Exemplified
urban vertical farming is the ideal approach for increasing food production in the future. Its technique aims to greatly boost the production of fresh fruit and vegetable harvests with minimising the environmental impact of gardening. A modern farming method provides a safe and healthy environment. food source, as well as protection from insects and floods. Biosecurity issues, lower
transportation costs, and less fossil fuel depletion are all issues that need to be addressed. Biosecurity issues, lower transportation costs, and less fossil fuel depletion are all issues that need to be addressed. Agriculture has advanced significantly during the last century, producing more food than ever before. However, as the country’s population approaches 100 crores, existing food production systems must undergo a fundamental shift to keep up with demand. Fortunately, we now have a variety of innovative technologies that enable us to do so. Hydroponics is one such new farming technology, and with the help of an indoor hydroponic garden kit, it is possible to produce sustainable variety of crops in half the time and for half the price.

Keywords: Vertical farming, Biosecurity issues,Agriculture, LED Grow Lights

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Volume 07
Issue 02
Received January 1, 2022
Accepted February 5, 2022
Published February 19, 2022