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Journal of Production Research & Management

ISSN: 2249-4766


Focus and Scope

About the Journal

Journal of Production Research & Management [2249-4766(e)] is a peer-reviewed hybrid open-access journal launched in 2011 focused on the rapid publication of fundamental research papers on all areas of Production Research and Management. This journal attempts to be a key research journal in the areas of operations management in manufacturing and services.

Focus and Scope

  • Production and Operations Management: Production and operations management, Genetic algorithms, Survey, Customer Retention, Electronic Data Interchange, Service Factory, Major Customer, and Quality Team.

  • Planned Manufacturing, optimization, and simulation: Simulation-optimization, Artificial neural network, Genetic algorithm, Manufacturing capacity planning, SMEs.

  • Production systems: Meatl, Beef, Bos indicus, Beef quality, Brazilian beef, consumption, demand, environment, grasslands, rangelands.

  • Supply Chain Management: Supply Chain, Decision Unit, Customer Order, Global Supply Chain, Enterprise Resource Plan System, Supply chain, Analytical models, and Decision support systems.

  • Manufacturing Strategy: Operations strategy, Empirical research, Manufacturing strategy, Competitiveness, Empirical analysis, IMSS data.

  • Policy formulation and evaluation in production research: System dynamics, Energy policy, Quantitative models, Threshold 21, Energy analysis.

  • Business Law and Technology Management: open innovation, business model, SCO development, technology partnerships, Ultracapacitors, Hybrid capacitors, Electrical energy storage.

  • Operational and Marketing Management: marketing management; analysis; planning; implementing; controlling, Alliances, Customers, Interaction, Marketing mix, Network organizations, Organizational design, Relationship marketing, Services marketing.

  • Human Resource Management: Future of human resource management, Globalization, Knowledge economy, Diversity, Technology, Ireland, Management development, Strategy, Training, Human resource development.

  • Business Strategy and Policy: Small enterprises, Entrepreneurialism, Competitive advantage, Managerialism, Strategic alignment, United Kingdom.


  • Productivity improvement
  • Human resource management
  • Production systems
  • Supply chain management