International Journal of Renewable Energy and its Commercialization

ISSN: 2582-4120

Editors Overview

ijrec maintains an Editorial Board of practicing researchers from around the world, to ensure manuscripts are handled by editors who are experts in the field of study.

Focus and Scope

About the Journal

International Journal of Renewable Energy and its Commercialization [2582-4120(e)] is a peer-reviewed open-access journal of engineering and scientific journals launched in 2015 is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes recent advancements in renewable energy and its utilization. The main focus of the journal is to create a more sustainable world and spread knowledge of the same journal considers articles that are of a high standard and good quality and which have never been published anywhere.

Focus and Scope

  • Solar energy: solar system, solar panels, csp, windmill, renewable energy, wind turbine, solar city, hydropower, photovoltaic, green energy, solar battery charger, wind turbine, sunpower, greenhouse gas emissions, geothermal power, hydroelectricity, renewable resource, solar power, wave power, wind power.

  • Solar thermal energy: Thermodynamics, kinetic energy, rotations, vibrations, Ocean thermal energy conversion, Orders of magnitude (temperature), Thermal energy storage, Heat transfer, Geothermal Energy Association, soil and concrete reinforcement, Liquid limit test, plastic limit test, Standard proctor compaction test, Compressive strength, compression pressure, paper pulp, fuel properties

  • Hydroelectricity: Sedimentation, Streaming, Innovatively, Desalinate, Assimilation, Photovoltaic cells, Savvy, Hereditary, Spillover, Commercialization, Disclosures, Enactments, Breeze, Volcanoes, Weatherization, Redesigning, Inexhaustible, potential energy, Hydroelectric energy, reservoir, gravity, greenhouse clean energy, biomass energy, geothermal power, wind turbines, power grid, Radiation, Photovoltaic, electricity.

  • Hydropower: powerhouse, Pumped-storage hydropower plants, Hydropower, Small hydro, Energy policy, Environmental impacts, Hydropower policy, Mitigation measures, Sustainable development, Energy Conversion Efficiency, Electrochemical systems, Cutoff Wavelength, Fuel Cell System, rotating shaft, Inlet Pressure, Environmental pollution, Sustainable development.

  • Biofuel:  cellulose, lignocellulose, biomass, bioenergy, fuels, Biodiesel, Bioethanol, Biohydrogen, steam reforming, Hydrolysis Process, thermal conversion, liquefied petroleum gas, gasoline, green energy, eco-friendly process, environment, economy, hydroformylation, renewable oil seeds, liquid biofuel, fermentation, hemicelluloses, lignin, Anaerobic digestion, crops, life-cycle assessment, sustainable agriculture, Biofuel genomics, microorganisms.

  • Geothermal energy: Geothermal resources, Geothermal technology, Geothermal economics, hydrothermal, stimulation, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, clean coal, nuclear, solar, geothermal program, Spas balneology, Space heating, District heating, Aquaculture, Greenhouses, Ground-source, heat pump industrial applications, Snow melting, Energy savings, Wells drilled, Manpower, Investment.

  • Biomass Conversion: biomass conversion technologies, CO2 capture, and sequestration technology, fossil fuels, mineral oil, modern biomass-derived fuels, bioproducts, depolymerization, municipal solid waste, animal wastes, aquatic plants, algae, gasification, pyrolysis, supercritical fluid extraction, Biomass resource facilities, Biomass conversion products, massive technological innovations, anaerobic digestion, oil extracting, enzymes, the lignocellulosic ethanol industry, protein engineering lignocellulosic materials,enzyme-catalyzed depolymerization, polysaccharides.

  • Wind Energy Technology: harmonic distortion, active power filter, resonance damping, wind power plants, lidar, calibration, uncertainties, nacelle-mounted, power performance intermetallic, refractory metal, tribological property, toughening, acrolein, Au Cluster, DFT, automotive applications, concentrated windings, eddy current losses, fractional-slot windings, interior permanent-magnet motors dielectric properties, microwave, zinc sulfide concentrate, input current ripple-free, boost converter, coupled-inductor, voltage-doubler cell, passive lossless clamp circuits, high voltage gain; renewable energy inertial response; internal voltage; variable speed wind turbines, pump-turbine, hump characteristic, hysteresis characteristic, experimental investigation, coastal, wind resources.

  • Ocean Thermal Energies: wave breaking, remote sensing, intermediate water waves, dominant waves, plunging waves, rogue waves, machine learning, Desalination, Multi-Effect Distillation, Multi-Stage Flash, Vapor Compression Distillation, Renewable Energies, Zhundong coal, char, CO2 gasification, alkali and alkaline earth metals, TDDFT, CC2, UV/VIS spectra, vibronic coupling, HR factors, Reorganization Energies, Ocean thermal energy conversion, OTEC, seawater air conditioning, SWAC, desalination, variable renewable energy, wind power, solar PV, Caribbean, Casimir effect, dispersion, ultraviolet divergences, infrared divergences, amine-modified MCM-41, CO2 adsorption, inorganic alkali, alkali amounts, EARTH SCIENCES, Oceanography.

  • Socio-economic and Energy Management: Recycling, Fuel Technology, Landfill, Waste, Socio-environmental impact, Hematologic diseases, oscillating heat pipe, fluid flow motion, flow pattern, thermal performance, inner diameter, waste plastic, distributed recycling, LDPE, low-density polyethylene, plastic sand composites, tensile strength, compressive strength, West Africa, economic development residential electricity consumption, piecewise linear model, robust tests, urban public transportation infrastructure, utilization benefits, coupling coordination degree model, Gini coefficient.

  • Climate change and global warming: Bibliometric Analysis, Scientometrics, Human Influence on Climate, Natural Control of Climate, Climatic and Non-climatic Effects on Living Organisms, Improving Climate Monitoring, Climate Variability, Climate Models, Biotic stress, Adaptation, Climate change, Diseases, Diversity, Genetic Resources, Gene bank, Wild relatives, resin, combustion heat, pulp, renewable source, carbon sequestration, climate change, water cycle, downscaling, hydrological model, evapotranspiration, IHACRES model, rainfall, runoff, quantile mapping, adaptation, mitigation, qualitative research, carbon stock, organic wastes, soil management.

  • Nuclear power: nuclear energy fossil energy, small modular reactors, resilience, hybrid energy, reactor, spent fuel, innovation strategy, molten salt reactor, Clean Energy Production, Nuclear Awareness, Nuclear Electrical Power, Nuclear Optimism, Nuclear Waste, Sustainable Development, PWR nuclear power plants, point kinetics, singular perturbation, generalized thermodynamic optimization, iron and steel production processes, finite time thermodynamics, constructal theory, entransy theory, metallurgical process engineering, nuclear power plant, electric cabinet, tuned mass damper, vibration control.