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International Journal of Machine Systems and Manufacturing Technology


Focus and Scope

About the Journal

International Journal of Machine Systems and Manufacturing Technology(IJMSMT) is a peer-reviewed hybrid open-access journal launched in 2023 that intends to provide its readers with swift and concrete information on the advancements in the field of machine systems. Editors recommend high-quality papers that are original and comprehensive and those that focus on the application of the work done. The journal also encourages review articles that cover all aspects of machine systems and manufacturing technology and that can have an immediate impact on ongoing research.

Focus and Scope

  • Design/Analysis of all types of gears, gear boxes, gear measurement : Gearbox , Weight reduction , Transmission , Holes in gears , Constant mesh ,DMLS , Maraging steel powder ,l Spur gear , 3D Modeling , Solidworks ,Ansys.
  • Shaft design and bearing selection: computer-aided engineering , mechanical engineering design , design process , expert systems , bearing selection , Gearbox components , Genetic algorithm , Optimization.
  • Power transmitting shafts, Solar and electrical heating system : triboelectric nanogenerator , self-powered water meter , scale prevention , rust protection , flow sensor , Temperature,Predictive models,Context modeling,Photovoltaic cells,Equations,Photovoltaic systems,Solar power generation,Solar heating,Cooling,System testing.
  • Advanced Vibrations : dynamics, mechanical engineering, reviews , Tunnel blasting , Ground vibration , Electronic detonator , Delay interval .
  • Tribology and Bearing Design : Electromagnetic analysis,Finite element methods,Circuits,Thermal engineering,Resistance heating,Thermal resistance,Thermal conductivity,Surface resistance,Computational fluid dynamics,Books.
  • Bearings, fasteners, springs, brakes and clutches : beams (structures), drives, fasteners, fatigue, finite element analysis, machine bearings, machine tools, position control, servomechanisms, springs (mechanical), vibrations, ball screw, finite element, feed drive, lateral vibrations, dynamic coupling.
  • Computer-Aided Drafting and Electrical Drafting : CAD , Genetic algorithms , Optimization , Geometric design , Conceptual design , Mechanism design.
  • Device fabrication, manufacturing of nanomaterials : 3D printing , Energy storage , Supercapacitors , Lithium-ion batteries , Nanomaterials manufacturing , Large-scale synthesis methods , Industrial applications of nanomaterials , Carbon-based nanomaterials, Metallic nanoparticles , Metal CNTs hybrids , Metal oxides nanomaterials, Metal
    oxides, CNTs hybrids, Quantum dots , Quantum dots, CNTs hybrids.
  • Micro Station, Inventor, and GeoSoft Montaj drawing : 3-D city models , topology generator , building reconstruction , visualisation , automation , Biolog , yeast identification , yeast taxonomy.
  • Intelligent Machines, Thermal and Mechanical Behavior of composites, design tools like finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, computer-aided manufacturing : Additive Manufacturing , Polymer Powder Bed Fusion , Modeling , Artificial Neural network , Optimization , Material Parameters , Process Parameters , computer-assisted design (CAD) , Direct metal deposition (DMD) , Homogenization design method (HDM) , Laser cladding , Negative coefficient of thermal expansion (NCTE) , Solid free-form fabrication (SFF).Keywords :  Bearing Design, Power transmitting shafts, electrical heating system, gear measurement, brakes and clutchesinternational-journal-of-cardiovascular-nursing/